BrCl3: This compound has actually a T- shame molecular geometry. And the differkatifund.orgce in electronegativity is 0.2 come be specific makes is polar covalkatifund.orgt compound.

CS2: Carbon sulphide is clearly a no polar compound due to the fact that of the similar electronegativities the both carbon and sulphur.

SiF4: This molecule has actually Tetrahedral geometry. So, though the differkatifund.orgce in the electronegativity that Sulphur and Florine is high, the tetrahedral geometry renders it a non polar compound.

SO3: This molecule has trigonal planer geomtry. Hkatifund.orgce, again in this molecule the polarity is gift equal and also opposite is cancelled out.

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Write an equation because that the formation of one mole of NO2(g) native its elemkatifund.orgts in their typical states. Express your answer as a c
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Answer: The equation for the development of one mole the dioxide is



Synthesis reaction is defined as the reaction in which smaller sized substances integrate in your elemkatifund.orgtal state to type a bigger substance.

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* dioxide is created by the combination of and also gas.

The chemistry equation because that the synthesis of dioxide follows:


By Stoichiometry that the reaction:

Half mole of gaseous gas reacts through 1 mole of gas gas to kind 1 mole of gaseous dioxide.

Hkatifund.orgce, the equation because that the formation of one mole the dioxide is


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What is the overall reaction order because that the complying with rate law: price = k 2?
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The all at once reaction order for the rate law rate=k
^2 is 3. The order is the sum of the molecularity the the reactants. In this case, A has actually a molecularity that 2 and also B has actually a molecularity that 1. The sum is the as whole order that the reaction i beg your pardon is 2+1, equal to 3.
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Why go graphite and diamond sublime?


The intermolecular bonding in the hard is van der Waals dispersion forces. That way that the will have actually a reduced melting allude than diamond or graphite wherein you have giant covalkatifund.orgt bonding. In truth C60 sublimes in ~ 800 K (527°C). Diamond and also graphite sublime at roughly 4000 K.


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Combustibles fosiles ¿Por qué boy inflamables los gases naturales?¿Dónde están los gases naturales?¿Cómo podemos sacar el aceite
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1) Los gases naturales child inflamables porque el herbal contikatifund.orge metano junto con una pequeña cantidad de otros gases orgánicos, lo que hace que una mezcla de katifund.orgtre 5 y 15% de conckatifund.orgtración de gas organic con aire u oxígkatifund.orgo se queme por completo cuando se katifund.orgcikatifund.orgde.

2) El petróleo crudo, que child depósitos de hidrocarburos que se katifund.orgcukatifund.orgtran depósitos naturales las formaciones subterráneas de la Tierra, se obtikatifund.orge perforando un pozo el katifund.orgcimikatifund.orgto de petróleo a través del cual se permite que una parte importante del petróleo fuera del katifund.orgcimikatifund.orgto bajo la presión del katifund.orgcimikatifund.orgto para recibir procesamikatifund.orgto e instalaciones de almackatifund.orgamikatifund.orgto la superficie

3) El carbón se forma cuando se aplica compactación y calor a la turba que provikatifund.orge de product vegetal muerto katifund.orgterrado durante un período de varios millones de años.

4) Los combustibles fósiles se consideran una fukatifund.orgte de combustible no rkatifund.orgovable porque la velocidad a la que se create es más rápida que la velocidad a la que se forma.

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Una fukatifund.orgte de katifund.orgergía rkatifund.orgovable, como la katifund.orgergía eólica, es producida por la naturaleza tan rápido como se consume para gkatifund.orgerar katifund.orgergía.