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I have a coffe can alomost complete of a mix the quarters, dimes, and also nickles, guessing about a 1/3 of every (no pennys). Just in search of a turbulent idea of exactly how much $ is in the can.
I have actually a coffe can alomost complete of a mix of quarters, dimes, and nickles, guessing about a 1/3 of each (no pennys). Just looking for a turbulent idea of just how much $ is in the can.
..........Depends upon the dimension of the can........1lb. Or 3lb.? If a 3lb. Could be indigenous $50 to $200 or so depending on ratio of quarters to nickles and dimes ! I\"d save quarters and also take the remainder to a keep with A coin respond to , they\"ll fee you ~10% however save girlfriend time top top rolling them in file . You should really inspect all coins for days for feasible collectability ! , fordy
All the the complying with is based off numbers ns just uncovered using Google, therefore it could be dorn
A standard coffee (3 lbs) can has a volume the 169.56 cubic inches, while a U.S. Gallon has a volume the 231 cubic inches, so the coffee deserve to is .734 U.S. Gallons.1 gallon that quarters has actually a worth of around $1170 (results I uncovered ranged from $1169.4155 come $1170.50). 1 gallon the dimes would have actually the exact same value, however that\"s figured turn off the exact volume of the coins, not accounting for the room between them. And one gallon of nickels v no spacing is about $1300 (Corrected: $216).

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After figuring the room lost as result of packaging (27% is one number I discovered that accounts because that the air in between the coins) girlfriend get:1 gallon of quarters = $800 +/- $20.1 gallon that dimes = $780 +/- $201 gallon the nickels = $950 +/- $? (Corrected: $157.68)I simply used the base amounts, skipping the +/- for the next calculations.Since you\"re guessing it\"s around 1/3 of each, I divided each that the above amounts through 3, resulting in:value that 1/3 gallonquarters = $266dimes = $260nickels = $316 (Corrected: $52.56)Total value of 1 gallon of blended coins = $842 (Corrected: $578.56)But the coffee can is simply under 3/4 of a gallon, so $842/.734 (Corrected: 578.56 * .734)gives a final value of around $618. (Corrected: $424) for a distinction of $194Edited to allude out that all of the original numbers because that the nickels are incorrect, based on negative info from mine Google search, similar to I warned in my first sentence. I\"ve put corrected number in bold next to them.