You feel surrounded by it s not enough ability idiots – and you can’t help letting them understand the reality every now and then.

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You believe that among the ideal ways to “climb the ladder” is to press other people down or the end of the way.

You are frequently jealous of her colleagues, and find it challenging to be genuinely pleased because that them when they do well.

You have actually a little list of nearby friends and also a long list the enemies, and you space equally proud the both lists.

You discover it advantageous to glare at, insult, and even occasionally holler at few of the idiots at your rectal – otherwise, they never seem come shape-up.

You take credit transaction for the achievements of your team – why not? They would be i do not have anything without you.

You gain lobbing "innocent" comments into meetings that offer no purpose other than come humiliate or cause discomfort come the human on the receiving end.

You are constantly “buttering-up” your boss and other an effective people, and also expect the same treatment from your underlings.

You love your prompt team and also they love you, yet are at continuous warfare with the rest of the organization. Friend treat everyone else like crap because, after ~ all, if you’re not on mine team, you either don’t matter or are the enemy.

You an alert that world seem to prevent eye contact when they speak to girlfriend – and they often become very nervous.

People keep responding to your e-mails with hostile reactions, which often escalate right into “flame wars” through these jerks.

0 to 5 “True”: friend don’t sound prefer a certified asshole, unless you space fooling yourself.
5 come 15 “True”: friend sound choose a borderline certified asshole, maybe the time has pertained to start transforming your behavior before it it s okay worse.
15 or more: you sound favor a full-blown certified asshole to me, get help immediately. But, please, don’t come to me because that help, as I would fairly not accomplish you.

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