(CNN) -- Jeff Bridges claims his cancer is in remission, and he"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgs making development in his fight against the long-term results of COVID ~ a difficult battle.

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In a new post come his website, the actor says his cancer mass is now the "https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgsize of a marble"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg and also his COVID "https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgin the rear view mirror"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg after a battle that started earlier this year.

Bridges believes he recorded the virus after being exposed in ~ the facility where he was receiving chemotherapy treatment.

He spent five weeks in the hospital, he said, since "https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgmy immune device is shot native the chemo."https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg

"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgMy dance with COVID renders my cancer look prefer a item of cake,"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg the wrote.

He said he"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgs still functioning on completely foregoing oxygen assistance but no much longer needs it to walk around.

Bridges was happy to report that his score of go his daughter, Hayley, down the aisle at her wedding to be accomplished, and also he was also able to carry out the timeless father/daughter run without the help of oxygen.

Bridges said his wife likewise battled COVID and spent 5 days in the hospital.

"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgCOVID kicked my ass nice good, but I"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgm double vaccinated and also feeling much much better now,"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg Bridges wrote, including that he regulated to keep his spirits up.

"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgWhile I had actually moments of incredible pain...getting close to the pearly gates, all in all, i felt happy and joyous most of the time. This brush through mortality has lugged me a actual gift — life is brief and beautiful,"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg he wrote. "https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgLove is all about us and accessible at every times. It"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgs a issue of opening ourselves to get the gift."https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg

Bridges will next star in "https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpgThe Old Man"https://katifund.org/how-not-to-get-your-assed-kicked-by-the-police-youtube/imager_3_3341_700.jpg for FX, a drama based on the novel from thomas Perry.



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