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Bret Michaels
15 Mar, 1963
58 years
Sea Green
Cancer, Scorpio
American singer-songwriter and also musician
United States
5 feet 10 customs (1.78m)
Kristi Lynn$3.5 Million
blueBlondeButler, Pennsylvania,AmericanWally sycharMarjorie SycharMichelle and Nicole Bret Michaels Facebook Bret Michaels Twitter Bret Michaels Instagram Bret Michaels WikiView more / View less Facts the Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is likewise known together Bret Michael Sychar. Bret Michaels is one American singer-songwriter and musician. The is prominent as a member of the glam metal band Poison.

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Table the Biography

Early life and also Childhood

Bret Michaels was born on march 15, 1963.  that is currently 58 years old. He was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, and raised in Mechanicsburg, united States. His father’s name is Wally Sychar, and also the mother’s surname is Marjorie Sychar. Similarly, she prospered up through his 2 sisters named Michelle and Nicole.

Bret holds Ameican nationality with a birth authorize Pisces and belongs to combined ethnicity. Michaels was sick and was diagnosed throughout a three-week remain in the hospital once he was just 6 year old. Later, it resulted the he has Type1 Diabetes. Talking around is the education and learning he obtained his education and learning from Mechanicsburg Aera senior High school.

Career and Professional life

From beforehand life, Bert to be interested in music. He sue to pat guitar like a professional. Bret along with drummer Rikki Rockett, base player Bobby Dall, and also guitarist David Besselman formed a band. In the band, David provided to serve as the an imaginative force who presented Michaels come Rockett and Dall. Later on Besselman left the band and also another new guitarist Matt smith was presented In 1983 they introduced their group with the name Paris 1983. Before moving to Los Angeles in beforehand 1984 lock performed on number of Venues.

The Group determined to adjust the name from Paris to Poison and also started to perform regularly in the Sunset Boulevard scene. Even working so tough they had not accomplished success wherein Smith was so frustrated and he left the group. But Brooklyn-based guitarist C.C. DeVille was replaced and also become close come Michaels. They got to occupational with Engima Record and also released their first album named Look What the Cat Dragged In. Similarly, Poison showed up as the greatest glam steel band in the world and released the best glam steel bands in the world. Additionally, DeVille left the team as the cultivation conflict in between them. And also later changed by a guitarist named Richie Kotze.


Caption: Bret Michaels throughout his performancesource: Ultimate classic rocks

Solo career

In 1998 Michaels started his solo career. A Letter from death Row was his fort able, i m sorry was developed a soundtrack because that the film of the exact same name. He has released numerous studio albums Like, freedom of Sound, Jammin, Friends, show Me her Hits, absent My World, True Grit, Blues & Stories, nation Demos’nd ‘Bret Michaels: Acoustic Sessions’ in 2008.

Films and Television

Gradually Bret additionally enrolled in the reality TV series named absent of Love with Bret Michaels i m sorry cast between July 2007 and April 2009. The very first season winner, Jes Rickleff. However, many women contended to be Michaels’ girlfriend, Jes expressed the she did no have any romantic feelings because that Michaels. The next two seasons’ winners to be Ambre Lake and also Taya Parker, respectively. Later, in the 5th season, he relocated on come his next project.

Similarly, she do an appearance on television with a fact show, VH1’s ‘Bret Michaels: Life as I know It’. This present focuses on his house life through his daughters and also their mother, furthermore, he in addition to Charlie Sheen landed v the movie production company ‘Sheen/Michaels Entertainment’.


He hasn’t obtained a many awards however he has won the understanding of numerous people. At the 2008 BMI film & TV Awards, Bret Michaels winner the Cable Award because that ‘Rock that Love v Bret Michaels’. Similarly, in 2010, he was additionally nominated for the Teen choice Award for an option TV: male Reality/Variety Star for ‘The Apprentice’.

Net worth

Speaking on income he might have earn a great amount that money from his music career. Likewise, his primary source of revenue from his Music Feild Similarly, he has a net worth of $18 million. However, some sources declared that he has owned a home at Westlake Village, California worth roughly $3.5 Million

 Relationship status

Talking about his love life, he is right now single. Previously, she was married to Kristi Lynn Gibson who was his friend for 16 years, he proposed to Kristi at the finale of his reality present named Bret Michaels: Life as I understand it. With each other they space blessed through two daughters called Raine Elizabeth and also Jorja Bleu. Raine was born on may 20, 2000, and also Jorja was born on might 5, 2005. However, lock separated ~ the 2 years that togetherness in July 2012. Between 1990 to 1993 she remained in a partnership with SUSIE Hatton. Furthermore, that has been in a connection with Ambre lake, Tracy Crosby, and Shauna O Brien.

 Rumors and controversies

Moving towards his rumors, Michales was in limelight top top media and public when the sex ice cream of him and girlfriend Pamela Anderson went into the hands of the net entertainment group. Other than this over there is no rumor about him.

Body Measurements and Social media

Yasmeen stands the height that 5 feet 9 inches and weight is around 68 kg. Reflecting on his physics appearance, he has actually a an excellent physique body. Similarly, he has a pair that blue eyes and also long blonde hair color.

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Further, Bret is active on different social media platforms choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. His Instagram handles v the username
bretmichaelsofficial has roughly 304k followers on his Instagram account, over 297.5K pendant on his Twitter account, and virtually 1 million followers on Facebook.