Adding captions and subtitles to your video is a an excellent way come ensure that you a getting to the largest feasible audience and also it can assist your contents stand out. However, it deserve to be quite difficult to inscription hours of video yourself in Sony las vegas Pro. Importing these files directly from will save you vital time that can be much better spent ~ above other vital tasks.

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This accuse will overview you through the steps of adding captions and also subtitles in Sony las vegas Pro.

Importing Captions right into Sony vegas Pro

First, upload the video clip you desire captioned to The is beneficial if the submitted video is the last version from vegas as this will ensure that the timing of your captions perfect matches the events on screen. After you’ve uploaded the video, pick SubRip (.srt) fromOutput record Format(s)and climate checkout. Once the caption paper is ready, navigate to the ‘My Files’ page and click the download button next come the appropriate file.

Once you have actually downloaded your file, follow these procedures to import it right into Sony vegas Pro.

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1. Produce A brand-new Project

In Sony vegas Pro, chooseNewfrom theFilemenu. This will display screen the ‘New Project’ dialogue box. Use the dialogue crate to collection your project’s properties and then selectOKto produce the project.


2. Exporting Captions as An outside File

For part Webcasting formats such together YouTube, it is essential that the captions be saved as an outside file. In this case, select Tools and then choose Scripting. From the menu produced, choose the relevant command. In the ‘Save’ conversation box, specify a file name and also folder because that the captions file. Click on the Save button.

Your Captioning Workflow

Congrats! You have to now know exactly how to include captions and also subtitles in Sony vegas Pro.

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Sony Vegas pro is an excellent editing software and also makes it straightforward to add captions and subtitles to your videos. You have the right to make the process even less complicated by acquiring your subtitle files straight from beginning from only $1.25/minute.