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Lululemon is kind of difficult to miss. If you’ve to be to yoga you’ve watched their gear. If you’ve been to a practice class, her over-energized “unrealistically positive for 7 to be on a Tuesday morning in January” instructor is wearing your stuff. Hell, if did you do it watched university football, her team’s coach probably just struck a attend to Lululemon to it is in his official Khaki sponsor (looking at you, Jim Harbaugh). They have a basic logo, a borderline cult-like following, and are wildly popular for gift a top location to work as a brand ambassador. Therefore what renders their brand so enticing? What does that look like to be a Lululemon brand ambassador?

What is a Lululemon Ambassador

Working as a brand ambassador can mean a variety of points for a company, but simply put, that human being serves together a walking representation of the brand. By representing them, one acts together a marketing tool, declaring asset, and often salesperson. In this role, one might be asked come wear or use their merchandise, aid them run events, carry out product showcases and also post on society media. People can choose to end up being brand ambassadors because that a multitude that reasons. Someone can represent a brand they believe in, receiving merchandise and also perks in the procedure or a campus brand ambassador deserve to work for a brand because that extra cash, and also professional exposure. Once agreeing to take it a position as an ambassador, that human being is not just buying into the image and reputation of the agency but are also agreeing come represent and also work to breakthrough the mission of the brand.

This position, in the grand system of things, is meant to boost sales because that a company. This might require a brand ambassador to sector to a particular demographic, such as a university or the young specialists of a designated area. Ambassadors are also expected to be active on society media, using their own channels to boost awareness around the brand’s brand-new products or campaigns. For brands, there is huge competition because that consumers’ attention, particularly in the civilization of E-commerce and social media. The brand ambassadors have tendency to it is in an expansion of their very own marketing campaigns through society media, native of mouth marketing, event coordinator and also more, serving as a an essential tool because that conversion of sales in today’s market.

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About Lululemon


Lululemon has an extremely popular ambassador program however differs in its normal applicants. While numerous brands are trying to find applicants that are at this time in college or have a lift or desire to work-related in marketing, Lululemon is feather for civilization who room “sweaters”. Yes, like human being who physical sweat. And no, i don’t mean sweat choose your uncle Mike’s cookout in august sweat. We’re talking about hustlers. World who work difficult at what castle do, even if it is it be a company owner, a writer, a student, etc. If this program started with a focus towards those functioning or affiliated in the fitness industry, that has since transitioned come anyone that believes in your mantra that community and hard work. As result of this tires of philosophy, Lululemon has actually been may be to expand out of just fitness equipment to more everyday clothing.

So in short, many of Lululemon ambassadors come from a fitness or health background, yet the agency is spring for urged individuals who are loyal customers of Lululemon as well as looking to join a networking community and also build permanent relationships with various other like-minded fitness ambassadors who are passionate about health.

Job ResponsibilitiesRepresent the brand and firm values throughout one’s communityUse social media push new initiatives and also productsParticipate in Lululemon promotional and marketing eventsHost neighborhood events, frequently relating to fitnessDrive traffic to the stores in your regional areaLululemon Ambassador Benefits/Perks

Most usual brand ambassador positions v Lululemon space not paid yet are readily available a selection of perks

Free Lululemon merchandiseStore discountsDiscounts because that friends/familyFree and also discount fitness classesBusiness coaching and an individual development coursesSocial media promotion from LululemonHow come apply

Often times, Lululemon will look for out society media influencers and those in the fitness industry to sign up with their team. However, if you space interested in joining, the best means to apply to come to be an ambassador because that Lululemon is to find a local store and also speak to who in person about your interest.

Let’s speak to Lululemon!

We gained the possibility to speak come a long-time Lululemon employee, lindsay from Columbus, five on not only her endure working with Lululemon yet how her firm utilizes the brand ambassador program and also what someone who is interested in a position deserve to expect.

Q: In a couple of words, how would you describe the society at Lululemon?

Lindsey: “Sweaty, collective, developmental, strategic”

Q: How go Lululemon advantage their Brand Ambassadors?

Lindsey: “They’re walking, visual and also verbal advertisements of the company, exactly how the garments reacts in their certain realm of task (think: this is the best pants because that spinning due to the fact that I’m a spin instructor, or these room the ideal bras for CrossFit, since I’m a CrossFit coach or this XYZ room the best for long runs due to the fact that I’m a marathon runner, etc). Ambassadors are also are given some pretty cool perks, including permitting friends come use an extended discount during holiday time, which cd driver traffic right into doors and that method more money for the store, more opportunity to record emails, an ext chances to educate brand-new people top top the brand and also product”

Q: What go a common day look prefer for a Lululemon Brand Ambassador?

Lindsey: “Ambassadors are movers or shakers in their community. They wake up up and also literally kick ass in whatever they do. Typically, they’re in the fitness industry, therefore they’re probably beginning their morning off through a huge cup that coffee, headed to their studio the choice, ready to teach a class, train a client, or get their very own workout in. Lululemon values the natural affect that their ambassadors have actually on the stays of people who surround them, and also their willingness come create and support a ar of people committed (or at least interested) in life a life in pursuit of sweaty moments. “

What have the right to other ambassador programs find out from Lululemon?

It’s clear the Lululemon runs an efficient and successful ambassador program. But, so carry out a many brands. Therefore what deserve to another company learn native them?

Well, two things stick out. Exclusivity and also support.

In this sense, the exclusivity variable is a hopeful one. Lululemon is spring for world are the right fit. They are looking for the “sweaters” of your communities. The workout warriors, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the storytellers, etc. It was even mentioned in our interview above, the the firm will often locate the ambassadors themselves. Lululemon is looking for world who not only fit your brand but feel the firm can likewise grow the an individual brand for whomever they seek out.

The company then gives support to their ambassadors. It’s clear by your social media that Lululemon offers not only encouragement and also exposure, but likewise the gear, classes, and even organization promotion because that anyone that is involved in their program.

Because that this support, Lululemon has walking advertisements almost everywhere every city it’s active in. This have the right to often allow them come spend much less on traditional marketing and more time and resources investing in commodities that proceed to provide back.

The takeaway another agency can take it from this regimen is the prominence of the world that it’s investing in to represent the brand. The success of Lululemon relies greatly on the human being who space using your products, investing in those the represent and also carry the brand in the means it to be intended.

Is Lululemon’s brand ambassador regimen right for you?

Lululemon’s ambassador program is as much about joining the society and neighborhood as the is around the actual job responsibilities itself. While over there is certainly an emphasis on those thriving in the fitness industry, over there are opportunities for all experts with a variety of backgrounds. Since the ambassador function for Lululemon weighs greatly on social media influence, the agency will often seek out the ambassadors themselves, fairly than wait for human being to apply.

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Regardless the this, if you in the fitness industry, looking to sign up with a community of “sweaters”, consider yourself a savvy social media user and also are passionate about the Lululemon brand, this ambassador program could be an ideal fit.

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