Over the previous decade, people have uncovered Reddit to it is in a good place to share contents that deserve to be taken into consideration unconventional. Most people, it way more liberty to to express themselves and also meet various other likeminded people online. However, sometimes you could come across a real troll or bully whose only goal is to acquire on your nerves. impede them would certainly be the best option. It would reduce any unnecessary future nasty episodes and save friend the hassle of having to go through it all. Check out on listed below to learn exactly how to block who on Reddit now.

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Blocking who on Reddit

The blocking attribute on Reddit different a great deal from other social media sites. However, blocking someone isn’t completely that different no matter which an equipment or OS she using. Here’s how you’d execute it, depending on your device.


How come Block who on Reddit top top Windows

walk to Reddit.com and also log in. Go to a article sent by the user you desire to block or a write-up where the user commented. Under their post or comment, click on the Block user option. Once asked, “Are girlfriend Sure?” click on, Yes. The user is currently blocked.

How to Block someone on Reddit on Android

open the Reddit app. Top top the bottom right corner of the screen, open up your messages through the user you desire to block. Alternatively, walk to any post whereby the user commented. Click on the 3 dots top top the ideal of the blog post they sent or the comment castle made. Scroll under to Block User. Click on Confirm, and that’s the

How come Block someone on Reddit ~ above iOS

open up the Reddit app. Open up your messages through the user you desire to block or any post whereby the user commented. Click the 3 dots ~ above the best of the blog post they sent or the comment castle made. Tap top top Block User. Click Confirm, and that should do it.

How to Block someone on Reddit ~ above Mac

walk to Reddit.com and log in open up a message sent through the user you great to block or a comment make by the user or alternatively, a comment make by them under any type of post. Under their post or comment, click on the Block user option. A confirmation home window will pop-up, asking, “Are you Sure?” click on Yes.

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No, Reddit’s block function is much more like a mute button than a traditional block option. Blocking someone only stays clear of you indigenous seeing their posts. They won’t be notified that you’ve clogged them but will proceed to connect with her posts and also messages. You just won’t have the ability to see any of their posts, replies, comments, and also mentions.

Yes, if she an admin/mod of a specific subreddit and also block a user, you’ll still see their posts and comments in the subreddit. Any type of posts exterior of that will certainly be concealed from her view.

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When you report someone else’s comment or posts, friend alert that subreddit’s moderators and also admins about something that goes against Reddit’s content Policy. The reported user is only notified that your post and also comment to be removed and warned yet not the user’s name the reported them.