The Smoktech is amongst the leading vape brand with a broad array of vaping devices and products. The Smok assets are innovative, portable, and also high-performance. The Smok rod V8 Baby is just one of the height Smok vape devices. Let’s discover out what that entails.

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1.What is Smok stick V8 Baby?

The Smok pole V8 Baby is one of the best vape pens you might get her hands on. The V8 infant is simple to set up and use, which provides it very user friendly particularly for newbies. Also, the V8 baby provides the user complete enjoyment, thanks to great power output. It is perfect for all users, whether seasoned or amateurs.


What’s in the Package?

2000mah batterySmok TFV8 Baby-the infant Beast2x M2 coils: 0.15ohm coil preinstalled and also 0.25ohm spare coilUSB Charging cable2x Vape Band, for protecting the tank glassSpare O-rings

Features the Smok V8 Baby

Threading: 5108-Second Shutoff ProtectionBattery Capacity: 2,000 mAhWattage: 180 wattsVoltage Range: 3.4V – 4.2VMaterial: Stainless steelLiquid Capacity: 5.0mlTank Material: GlassDrip reminder Material: DelrinWicking Material: 100% Japanese organic CottonDrip pointer Diameter: 0.33 inch (8.5mm)Height: 5.35 inch (136mm)Diameter: 0.87 customs (22mm)Colors: Black, Stainless, Blue, RedDesign and Body

Smok has actually a call for producing state of the art vape devices and also the SMOK V8 baby is no an exception. That is built with good-quality product with a an excellent battery life and also durable tank. Contrasted to the general body that this vape pen, the button is make of a shiny plastic i beg your pardon is not up to standard.

Other awesome functions on this vape pen is the smooth convey ring which makes it easy for the user come unscrew the tank. Also, the top have the right to is pretty smooth compared to the others in the TFV8 series.

Battery Life & Charging

The Smok V8 baby comes through a non-removable 2000Amh battery. The battery has fantastic life which enables you come vape for longer without the need of changing the battery. The battery have the right to last friend 2-3 days depending through your vaping frequency.

However, charging takes reasonably long. Also, through the non-removable battery, it method you cannot vape when charging the battery.

Coils Specs and also Flavor

The Smok stick V8 infant comes with two coils, the 0.15- and also 0.25-ohm which are optimized because that high voltage setups. These coils supply flawless and smooth vapor. V the 0.15 coil, the resistance is a little bit lower, hence a greater discharge rate.

With the 0.15-ohm coil, the odor depreciates fast. Thus, you have to readjust the coil to 0.25-ohm. The flavor v the 0.25-ohm coil is much better compared come 0.15-ohm coil. S

What is the expense of acquisition for Smok V8 Baby?

The price of the Smok v8 Baby can vary depending with the retailer. But, you have the right to expect anything within the price selection of $35.99-$45.99.

General Performance

The Smok rod V8 baby is among the simplest to use vape pen. It has actually a high-performance battery which permits you several hrs of continuous vaping.

The sleek and also ergonomic design enables you to lug it all over with you without feeling the weight. The battery LED lights allows you to understand when to recharge her battery.

Another plus of this machine is the safety attributes which reduce the threat of burn. It has actually low voltage protection, low resistance protection, 8-Second Shutoff Protection, and also short circuit protection.

Additionally, this vape pen enables you to easily and quickly readjust the airflow. This allows you to regulate the quantity of vape you desire to inhale. Also, the solitary vape button permits you come enjoy exceptionally thick vape through the mouthpiece.

Pros and Cons

It is lightweight and also smooth for simple portabilityCompact sized and also stylish, friend can carry it anywhereExcellent battery lifeComes in a broad array the colorsHas numerous safety functions to certain your safety as you use the productIt has LED light to suggest the standing of your batteryTop filling style for basic refilling without any kind of leakagesThe Delrin drip guideline is broad making that easy and also comfortable come useIt has actually a single-button design which provides it easy to operateIt has actually 0.15ohm and also 0.25 ohm dual V8 Baby-M2 coils


It does not have power flexibilityTake long to charge


2. Instructions: how to change the Coil in Smok rod V8 Baby

Removing and also the replacing the coil in Smok V8 baby is easy and also quick. However, be careful not to use too much pressure rather you will certainly break the glass. Also, the coil can get stuck and not come out. To adjust the coil easily, follow the following steps:

Hold the base v a for sure grip. Unscrew the top cap. Stop holding the glass section as it could break as result of excess pressure.After unscrewing the height cap, eliminate the glass part. If the optimal lid fails to come off, use gloves or a bath towel to hold onto the glass section and gently pull the cap to get access to the coil.Then, unscrew the coil from one of two people the base or the chimney. You have the right to hold the peak or bottom lid to unscrew the coilIf the coil does no come out, you can either use pliers, rubber gloves, or an Allen key by inserting it in the airflow slots. Then, unscrew the coil tenderness from the base.Remove the old coil and also replace with a new one. Placed the brand-new coil on the base and also turn that in anti-clockwise direction to fasten it in place.


1.How lengthy does a Smok V8 infant vape last?

The Smok stick V8 infant vape have the right to last you up to 3 days, depending through the frequency at which friend vape.

2.How execute you charge a Smok V8 infant vape?

It comes with a USB charger. The takes long to charge. So, friend would rather leave the overnight.

Is the Smok V8 baby worth it?

It is worth it, specifically for newbies. It is easy to use and the battery large for quite a long time.

4.How lot is one Smok V8 baby vape?

Depending with where you purchase it. It costs between $35-$45.

5.How do I turn on my Smok V8 infant vape pen?

It has actually one multifunctional switch which you use to operate the vape and turn the on. The is straightforward to usage it. another Top-Quality Vape Brand You have the right to Try

You have actually not had actually your best vape however if you have not make the efforts a vape native If girlfriend are looking for top-quality disposable vapes that gives you much more puffs, girlfriend should try UPONE.


UPONE is an excellent value disposable vape pens that permits you to enjoy vaping because that a long time. It has a long lasting 850mAh battery for a 4.5 ml capacity.

Each UPONE kit comes through three consistent vapes with a capacity of 1.5 ml.


Enjoy a solid and thick vapor through each Puff

With every puff indigenous Upone, you enjoy a rich and also relaxing thick vapor. Many thanks to the particularly designed special cotton-base coil which offers it strong performance hence the special vapor. Yes sir no discontinuity by leakage or spillage.

Another factor that provides UPONE a good vape is the smartly designed mouthpiece which prevents spitting and also condensate. The thick cotton filter and also a specially design mouthpiece prevents the common vape concerns such together spitting and condensate.

UPONE Flavors

Upone come with number of pleasant flavors, you will certainly be spoilt that choice. You deserve to have the all together they come in affordable prices. The Upone spices are: cool mint, pineapple ice, Cuban tobacco, Lychee crush, Raspberry blue berry, and juicy grape.


UPONE Series

The Upone disposable vapes come in 2 series. The Upone i beg your pardon is 111.3 mm and also the Upone add to 116 mm series.

UPONE: Safety and Health

Upone is made with top-quality materials. The quality has been approved by the GMP pharmaceutical grade production environment. The mouth-piece is made v food grade pc material. The vape pen operates on course A battery. Also, the wick is made through quality, organic, and pollutant totally free cotton material.

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Final Thoughts

The Smok pole V8 baby is an amazing vape pen. It is basic to use. If girlfriend are new to vaping, you do not have to worry about adjusting strength with different coils. It has battery indicator lamp to permit you understand when the battery is to run low. However, the Smok V8 baby might not offer you a wholesome vaping experience. Charging it takes a bit long i m sorry is not convenient specifically when travelling. The is why you should think about disposable vapes such as UPONE indigenous