Your outboard’s power Trim and also Tilt unit alters the outboard’s thrust angle throughout operation because that maximum power of both her outboard and your boat. That electro-hydraulic, definition an electric pump move hydraulic liquid upon command from the operator, tilting the thrust angle the end or in. The positioned inside the engine bracket, meaning almost consistent contact v water, and, depending upon where girlfriend boat, that deserve to mean saltwater. Still, under typical conditions, this mechanism needs only minimal treatment in order to role properly.

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Steve Pennaz on preserving your PT&T



Keep the trim rams totally retracted as soon as not in usage to avoid corrosion build-up. Engage the tilt lock mechanism built into the outboard’s bracket, or install a Yamaha engine support to organize the engine in the tilt-up position. Then, retract the tilt rams right into the unit by pushing the PT&T down switch until they are completely retracted. This keeps all but the very tip of the ram immersed in a bath of PT&T fluid and safe native corrosion. Liberally use Marine Grease come the ram tips to assist keep lock corrosion free, too.

Tip: The built-in tilt lock device is for keeping tilt because that storage or periods of non-use only, together as once mooring. Do not trailer using just this system to assistance the tilted outboard.


The fluid in your PT&T system is under extreme pressure that can cause molecular shear, i beg your pardon tears personal the fluid’s molecules, bring about a drastic lose of lubricity. Don’t use substitute oils prefer motor oil or strength steering fluid. Yamaha Performance power Trim & Tilt liquid is specially formulated to tolerate a details amount of water ingestion and still maintain suitable operation, all while withstanding extreme pressures. It additionally contains special anti-foaming agents the rather don’t, to maintain critical lubricity.

Valves and Seals.

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If friend see fluid on the exterior of the PT&T unit, or if your outboard won’t continue to be tilted increase (or continue to be tilted out when running), it may mean the the seals or inner valves are in require of inspection. Have actually the unit inspected by an authorized Yamaha marine dealer and, if necessary, disassembled and repaired.