Snapchat deserve to really execute it every these days – take a quick pic, send a message chat, Shazam a song, or even locate your friends on a map. Some of these features are pretty intuitive, but others are hidden away, wait for true Snap aficionados to discover them.

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Maybe you"re new to the app, or possibly you"re simply a strength user looking to discover a brand-new trick or two. In any case, this overview will present you Snapchat tips, tricks, and also secrets to turn your straightforward Snaps right into Snapsterpieces.

9 means to develop Snapsterpieces

1. Draw with mystery color palettes


The mystery Snapchat color palettes are just a few taps away.Credit: screenshot / composite

Hate on the redesign all you want, however it did do finding an enig colors easier.

Previously, users had to traction the rainbow slider in a very certain ways come access secret colors. Now, every it takes is a few taps. Tap on the pen tool, and also tap the Venn diagram icon under the rainbow slider to access greyscale and also pastel sliders, as well as a second version that rainbow slider.

2. Draw with emoji brushes



You can draw with emoji the same means you draw with the pen tool. Tap ~ above the heart-eyed emoji under the Venn diagram icon, and also you"ll find a selection of emoji paintbrushes at your disposal.

3. Make Snapchat stickers


Some shots space sooo great that you want to use them over and over again. So when life gives you a an excellent shot, do stickers.

Tap the scissor icon, and trace the thing you want to clone. Snapchat will immediately smooth out the edges because that you and save her object together a sticker. Madness the memo symbol to access your tradition sticker, and place and scale it however you want.

4. Use grids, focus, and timer


These three features are straightforward but helpful.

Grids will aid you stick with the rules of third.

Focus will certainly blur the end everything yet faces.

And timer will aid you take it selfies.

To access these tools, every you need to do is fight the tiny arrow balloon under the flash icon when you get in camera mode.

5. Attach emoji and also stickers come a moving object

This hidden attribute will come in comfortable if you"re make a reveal video or a video with a moving object.

Once you document the video, hit the memo icon to access your stickers. Pick one of them, scale it to your desired size, and also hold under the sticker — your video clip should frozen now. Attach the sticker to the relocating object, and also voila!

You can use this trick for text, too!

6. Do 3D paintings

Snapchat has some quite cool augmented fact features, and one that them allows you create AR paintings.

Tap the search icon, and type in "3D Paint." pick the lens that the same name, press and also hold ~ above your display where you want to paint, and also have at it!

You can choose in between matte, metallic, rainbow, neon, and also iridescent brushes. You get to change the repaint color and also brush size, too.

7. Add text effects

Why usage static text once you can make that move?

To use Snapchat"s AR message feature, tap the search icon, and kind in "3D Caption." pick the lens v that name.

You can pick native a pair effects — round, spooky, bubble, wavy, layers, and also script. This feature will not only animate text, however also include filters to your entire image or video.

8. Add filters

There are two methods to add filters on Snapchat.

There"s the old method — swiping left or right as soon as you take a photograph or video — climate there"s the new way. Tap the smiley confront next to the record button before taking a photo and video, and also you"ll find wealth of options under "browse" and "create."

You can even adjust the intensity and colors of "create" filters by tapping either the icon with the three dots or through the Venn diagram.

9. Affix website to snaps

Maybe you"re sending a story come a friend; probably you"re share your latest SoundCloud finds. In any type of case, the link switch can come in handy. When you take a photograph or video, you"ll check out a paperclip symbol on the toolbar to your right. Tap ~ above it, dough or type in a URL, and hit "attach to Snap."

Whoever you"re sending your Snap to will now have the ability to open up the connect by swiping up.

10. Add in part background music

Similar to Instagram stories, you have the right to pick her favorite jam come play in the lift of your Snaps, whether you"re sending them directly to a girlfriend or posting to your story.

Just tap ~ above the music note symbol labeled "Sounds" prior to taking the Snap, pick from the perform of song available, and also take her shot. A small icon showing the location of the track will show up on her Snap, which you can move around and also place wherever you want.

4 means to usage Bitmoji and emoji on Snapchat

1. Snap Map status

You probably currently know exactly how to usage Snap Map to save tab of your friends. However did you recognize you can update her friends ~ above what you"re act by setting a Snap Map standing with Bitmoji?

Tap on her Bitmoji symbol on the top left corner of the camera screen, then scroll to the bottom. Choose "set a status" under Snap Maps, then hit "choose a Bitmoji." your friends will now see her Bitmoji in action when they"re trying to find you top top Snap Map.

2. Bitmoji selfie

Yes, you can make her Bitmoji look but you"d like — also the tiny one top top the peak left corner of her screen. Tap her Bitmoji icon, then hit the settings switch on the height right corner. go to "Bitmoji," and pick "choose a selfie." There, you have the right to look angry, surprised, sad — and really, whatever else you"re feeling like.

3. Collection a default emoji skin tone

No one actually has Lego yellow skin — so save yourself some time and collection your default emoji skin tone to enhance yours. You have the right to do the under "manage" in your settings, in "emoji skin tone."

4. Gain yourself part Bitmoji swag

Love your Bitmoji? You deserve to rep it if you fancy. Snapchat uses custom Bitmoji merch at the Snap Store: stickers, mugs, t-shirts, sweatpants, phone cases.

Tap the Bitmoji on the top left edge of the camera screen, then scroll under to "shop Bitmoji merch." It will certainly take you come a web page where you have the right to customize different items. You acquire to pick different images of your Bitmoji, too.

4 various other things you have the right to do v the Snapchat camera

1. Uncover a product

Imagine this: You"re shopping, you watch a shirt the you love, however you"re thinking you can obtain a comparable one elsewhere for a much cheaper price. Snapchat"s product finder will come in comfortable in that situation.

Tap the smily confront on her camera screen, and tap the "scan" symbol at the bottom. Role to the left, and also tap the purchase bag icon. Press and hold the display screen to scan the item, and also boom — Snapchat will show you a list similar products.

The catch? It only shows results that are easily accessible on Amazon.

2. Cheat on your math homework (just kidding...?)

Math is hard. Occasionally you"ll invest an hour on just one concern to no avail. Snapchat"s mathematics Solver is there to help. You"ll uncover it simply next to the Product Finder. Hold and press the screen to scan the problem, and also Snapchat will show you a result via Photomath.

(Yes, it works through calculus problems, too.)

3. Find a song

Not certain what a tune is called? an excellent thing Shazam is constructed into Snapchat. You can accessibility the tune Finder beside the Product Finder and also Math Solver. As soon as you hear a song, just host the screen, and also you have yourself a new song to add to your playlist.

4. Play games with friends

Snapchat has actually evolved. The apps isn"t simply for sending photos and also videos anymore, it"s because that playing game with friends, too. Tap the smiley confront on her camera screen and also go come "browse." Swipe left, and you can select from games like tic-tac-toe, pool, "what"s the movie" and also more.

2 means to save things ~ above the low

1. Keep your snaps private

If you have actually something to hide top top Snapchat, hide lock under the "your eye only" feature.

Swipe up while you"re on the camera display screen to accessibility the storage tab. Insanity the checkmark on the peak right corner, and also select the picture you desire to hide. Madness "more," climate "hide snap (my eye only)" in ~ the bottom toolbar to collection up a password to allow the feature.

Once you have it collection up, you"ll check out a "hide" button at the bottom toolbar. You deserve to use it to hide picture from her camera roll exterior of Snapchat, too.

2. Ghost civilization on Snap map

If you discover it creepy that your friends deserve to see whereby you space on Snap Map, this feature is because that you. You will certainly still see your friends" locations; however they won"t be able to see yours.

Tap on the bitmoji icon on the camera screen, climate scroll to the bottom, whereby you see "Snap Map." click on "Sharing Location" and rotate on "Ghost mode." You have actually the alternative to go off-grid for three hours, 24 hours, or till you choose to disable the function yourself. You can likewise choose to share your location with simply a select couple of friends under "who have the right to see my location."

This story was originally published in march 2020 and updated in July 2021.

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