Some the you reading this are more than likely screaming in ~ the computer already. Mentioning EGR, or any type of emissions devices tends to prompt the reaction. Take a minute to read about how the EGR fitted on the 2011 - 2016 Duramax is no going to destroy your engine.

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Afterwards, if girlfriend still desire to send a letter around how disastrous emissions equipment is, please deal with it come your local Congressman.


Below girlfriend will uncover 5 points you probably didn"t know about the EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation). Including just how it is different than ahead models, why it works well, and a couple of other note worthy facts.

A couple of things you"ve heard civilization say around the EGR that space NOT true around the LML EGR system:

"Deleting the will get you far better fuel mileage."

5 points You more than likely Didn"t Know about The 2011-2016 Duramax EGR:

This is primarily for the 2011-2016 Duramax EGR mechanism however, many of it uses to every 2011 + diesel pick-up engines.


1. DEF reduce the consumption of EGR

The EGR uses inert gas (exhaust has actually no oxygen in it) and recirculatesthat gas into the burning cylinder. Since 2004.5 they have been used to alleviate NoX emissions, act together buffer in the burning cycle in between air and fuel and reduce combustiontemperatures. Diesel Exhaust fluid or DEF, is a mixture of urea and de-ionized water which is sprayed straight into the exhaust because 2011 ~ above the Duramax. This mechanism is used to chemically combat the NoX emissions created by diesel fuel gift burnt. A byproduct of this device is a dramatic palliation in the lot of EGR activity.


2. The EGR & EGR cooler have actually grown

Rapid heating and also cooling a tiny area of air create condensation. Pass exhaust through un-burnt diesel fuel with that condensation and also you obtain the nastiest sludge girlfriend have ever seen in a van part. This to be the primarycause that failure v the older models EGR systems. The coolers were much too small and the EGR itself to be grossly undersized because that the work it was doing. Starting in 2011 the Duramax LML engine featured a much bigger EGR and also EGR cooler. Cooling the exhaust gas is a critical piece the emissions tools working. Chillier temperatures mean an ext air deserve to be compacted right into a provided area which helps reduce combustion temperatures.


3. Clean tunes mean small to no smoke

"They recording dirty exhaustback right into your engine." That would be true if her truck was blowing a bunch that smoke. But the manufacturing facility calibration is an extremely clean burning. Every bit of technology available was provided in the LML style to store the truck together fuel friendly as possible. This method clean burn tunes the don"t bad money/smoke the end the tail pipe (or right into the DPF for the matter).

See more: Packet Tracer - Identify Mac And Ip Addresses, Chapter 5 Lab has actually spent years developing our melody for your emissions fitted LML. Us understand how the emissions tools works and also know exactly how to occupational with that to gain the many out of her truck.

4. 10+ year of breakthrough goes a long way

The very first generation Duramax to be equipped with an EGR system is the LLY, exit in 2004.5. Admittedlythose early models (2004.4 - 2010) had quite a couple of warranty cases for EGR failures. GM and other manufacturers have little interest in paying because that warranty work and parts so that is for sure to i think they have put an enormous amount of resources into finding a solution. In fact, as soon as we interviewed Nicola Menarini top top the Diesel power Podcast he defined a little an ext about exactly how long and how lot they have actually put into it occurring the emissions system.


5. #DTCleanSweep is living proof

Our 2012 GMC Sierra it is provided by an emissions equipped LML Duramax had over 30 hooks and 10,000 miles just in the 2016 season. The truck take it 5 very first Place finishes and was in the height three at 11 separatesled pulls. We likewise used and still usage it favor a regular truck. It sees a trailer from time come time and we obtain after it on the street.


Below is a connect to one 8 minute facebook live video clip we did around a blown LML inter-cooler. We ended up going over the EGRwhile we had it off the van to show how clean itwas after an entire season of sledge’s pulling in ~ 617 RWHP v all the emissions devices intact. Facebook Live Video, swollen LML Intercooler and EGR Check

The EGR system isn"t walking anywhere, and also that"s OK! In all reality-it works, so why mess with it?

Tune her LML v the EGR ON!

Now the you have a much better understanding of exactly how the EGR works, it"s time to get TUNED! our LML SPADE is basic to use, hand hosted tuner that maximizes your truck there is no sacrificing reliability. You deserve to use ours emissions equippedtunes to get an ext power, tow less complicated and totally change your windshield experience.


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