I am building a "49 Chevy panel truck through mainly junkyard parts. What perform I need to carry out to use a 700-R4 trans via a carbureted 350 engine? The trans is new sufficient that it has actually a lot of wires going to it. I put an older one put up for a mechanical speeexecute in my "47 Ford and made believe it was a Turbo 350 (no electrical to it at all). It functions well. This time, I will usage an digital speecarry out. You should identify between the 700-R4 trans (which deserve to be set up to run without a computer) and its later on descendent, the 4L60E family members (which is a completely electronic, completely computer-regulated transmission).

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The "82"93 700-R4 (later models may be designated "4L60," without the "E") has a square, four- or five-pin primary electric connector and also a big governor cover--all located on the lefthand (driver) side of the case. Tbelow are normally provisions to hook up a conventional speedometer cable on the lefthand side of the extension housing, although on some models, a auto rate sensor (VSS) via a second two-wire connector replaces the conventional speedometer drive and thrust gears. A mechanical throttle valve and also cable (TV cable) is located toward the rear of the case"s righthand side. Many 700-R4 professionals recommfinish avoiding problematic "82"86 models. By 1987, a lot of worries were solved, and--specifically on devices from high-performance cars like the IROC Z, Trans Am, or Corvette--the 700-R4 currently makes a reasonably solid performance trans in stock develop when in great condition.

Introduced in trucks in 1993 and rear-wheel-drive passenger cars in 1994, the 4L60E (and its later, beefier descendents, the 4L65E and also 4L70E) are fully electronic, computer-managed transmissions. Although at first glance they superficially resemble the 700-R4, the modernized "E" versions attribute a big, round, 11- to 14-pin electrical connector located toward the rear of the trans case"s righthand also side. Tright here are no TV cable, mechanical speedometer drive, or governor provisions. The VSS connector currently moves to the righthand side of the extension real estate. Many "96-and-later versions have actually a sepaprice, bolt-on bellhousing, and also a six-bolt (rather of the previous four-bolt) expansion housing.

To run a 700-R4 trans behind a carbureted engine without a computer system, at the incredibly leastern the TV cable have to be hooked as much as the carburetor and effectively readjusted. Not simply a straightforward kickdown cable prefer your TH350 analogue, the TV cable controls line pressure and also change points. Faiattract to obtain the adjustment ideal will certainly ultimately burn up the transmission as a result of inadequate line push. "Proper adjustment" indicates the cable itself needs correct prepack adjustment, the cable "pull" have to have the ideal stress and anxiety, and the means the cable attaches to the carburetor"s throttle-affiliation must have actually the correct geometry. Over the years, various aftermarket providers have readily available retrofit brackets and also various other options to ease the pain of putting a 700 behind an older carburetor.

For circumstances, in place of a of wrecking-yard or generic-universal TV cable that may not have actually the best pull angle or stress for your application, TCI provides what it calls an EZ-Shift Cable. Applicable to 200-4R, 700-R4, and 4L60 (non-E) transmissions, the kits come with a cable and a mounting bracket that collectively accomplish the preferred straight pull, comparable to a typical throttle-cable. The cable"s easy adjuster has a push button instead of the standard TV cable"s adjustment tang. To set it up, depush the button, have a companion floor the throttle from inside the driver"s compartment, and then release the switch. Video Game, collection, enhance.

Order the EZ-Shift Cable by component number to acquire the best cable and mounting bracket to mate with these popular performance carburetors:

CarburetorPart No.
*Initial style, not the new ThermoQuad clones.

Better yet, pair the EZ-Change Cable via TCI"s fail-safe, constant-pressure valvebody (check out photo). The correct valvebody will certainly differ by trans model and year:

Trans And Model YearPart No.
"81"90 200-4R386020
"82"87 700-R4376021*
"88"92 700-R4376020
*"87 models with auxiliary-style valvebody: use PN 376020.

The 700-R4"s four- or five-prong electric connector is mainly responsible for TCC (torque converter clutch) lockup. Running "no electric to it at all" (as you say was the instance in your previous swap) means--you guessed it--the TCC never locks up. Although not a fatal durcapacity error, this prevents the 700-R4 from achieving its ultimate performance and fuel-economic situation potential. On stock installations, the wires checked out the computer to control TCC lock/unlock, however on a retrofitted 700-R4, lockup have the right to be completed by wiring up analog push and/or vacuum switches. There are assorted home-brewed ways to achieve this, however because of comprehensive distinctions with the years, such schemes might not be applicable to eextremely design. Today, it"s easiest to just buy an afterindustry TCC wiring kit, especially as they"re now widely accessible from a bunch of resources. TCI"s rendition (PN 376600) universally functions on all 700-R4/4L60 (non-E) transobjectives by rewiring the solenoid inside the trans. Externally, all it requirements is a 12-volt source and an engine-vacuum recommendation.

However before, if your trans is, in truth, a 4L60E, running it off a computer is mandatory. On "E" transmissions, the computer system controls everything: TCC lockup, gear changes, change top quality and firmness, and line push. Tright here are no exterior adjustments and no noncomputer system workarounds. Never before mind TCC lockup; without a computer, the trans will not change at all. But you do not require an original manufacturing facility engine management unit (ECU) to gain the trans in equipment (pun intended); user-friendly standalone transmission manage systems (TCUs) are easily accessible from a number of aftersector resources. The TCI solution is its EZ-TCU transmission controller, which comes completely configured and prepared to run best out of the box. However, the finish user can reprogram as desired to change transmission change points, transition firmness, and also transition speed--all without internally delving right into the trans.

The EZ-TCU still needs to get a signal from a throttle-position sensor (TPS), which recommendations the amount of throttle opening to the TCU. Think of it as type of an digital version of a mechanical TV cable. The excellent news is there"s no much longer a peskies TV cable to change. The negative news is some kind of bracket is required to mount up the switch to the carb"s throttle-linkage. That offered to speak to for custom fabrication, but now TCI supplies a remote TPS mounting solution (PN 37401 for carbureted applications). It has a cable, so you have the right to mount the switch on the firewall or various other convenient location; tright here is no must kludge up the carb"s throttle-affiliation itself.

As for interencountering any kind of of these transgoals to an aftersector electric speedometer, the process deserve to differ depending on which trans and VSS you have actually and the specific aftersector unit"s features. Consult your speedometer manufacturer for its recommfinished solution. If it doesn"t offer the correct adapter interchallenge, check out Dakota Digital, which uses numerous various universal-signal correction options (and its own full line of high-technology instrumentation).

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See all 4 photosThe lefthand also side of a 700-R4 primary instance has a little, 4- or 5-pin TCC connector (A) and a traditional mechanical Governor (B) that"s equivalent to those provided on a TH350/TH400. The completely digital 4L60E and also its derivatives (front) have no Governor provisions or separate lefthand-side TCC connector.




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