select a layer through an imagemake a choice and copy it v Ctrl+Ccreate a brand-new layer v transparency to fill typepaste an option with Ctrl+V

Problem:The contents of copied choice is no pasted.

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If I dough it top top a layer v a white background, that is visible, yet I desire a transaparent background.


In the channels tab, the Alpha Channel have to activated.

Activated channels show up highlighted normally in blue in the networks dialog (sometimes in grey). Inactive channels appear in white. If you click on a channel in the list, you toggle activation of the equivalent channel. Disabling the alpa channel has severe consequences. If friend disable the alpha channels, every pixels from currently on added to the image will not have alpha component, and also so a pasted pixel will have actually the transparency of the class on which it is pasted.

If the class on which that is pasted is transparent, the pasted pixel will certainly be transparent.If the class on which the is pasted is white, the pasted pixel will certainly be visible.

This defines the behaviour friend observed.


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answer Sep 30 "17 in ~ 9:47

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Make certain that the transparent class you added is the layer which is marked active in the class list when you paste. Otherwise you will certainly be pasting come the exact same layer you duplicated from, with no clearly shows results.

Don"t forget come Anchor (Ctrl-H) if the paste looks OK.

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answer Sep 27 "17 in ~ 13:51

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Make sure the brand-new layer you room pasting on has the blend mode collection to normal.

After pasting using CTRL+V, hit the Anchor button in the layers palette to anchor the floating choice to the new layer girlfriend made.

Alternatively rather of hitting paste (CTRL+V), use modify > paste As > new Layer - then you deserve to skip the create brand-new layer and anchor procedures altogether.

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reply Sep 27 "17 at 13:15

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