Hey everyone! I have actually a video clip project due tomorrow and also I’m yes, really struggling with my audio in Premiere pro.

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I have actually a shooting of someone in their auto while the engine is running, and also I have actually one clip that’s simply the approximately noise the the engine running with a denoise effect. That on the default settings. Yet then i’m trying come copy and paste the audio for other bits that the video where I need that sound, and it’s 6 decibles louder. The denoiser effect is still on the pasted clip, and nothing ns doing is make the duplicate audio sound like the original. Any type of clues as to why that’s happening and how I can fix it??


Try copy the sound clip to where you need it without the denoiser top top it. Then set up the denoiser ~ above the very first one, and also finally copy the an initial clip and paste attributes to the rather to bring over the denoiser

Depending on your OS, usage Alt + click on a selected audio piece, drag it over, and also then let walk of Click prior to Alt to drop the replicated clip into your timeline.

For any kind of future things, i usually suggest copying the clips making use of alt drag modifiers and then having all clips that need the same adjustment top top a single track. Walk to window>audio track mixer. Click the arrowhead on the optimal left to lug up the sends and also then apply the result there. It’ll be track certain so friend don’t have to worry about copying and pasting a million times. You can additionally either gain the whole track or used a compressor to acquire the clips to appropriate levels.

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Here are 5 questions to help people aid you:

What are your system specs?

If there is one error message, what specifically does it say?

Please answer to this with your answers. Thanks.

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I'm presume you room using CC. Walk you modify the audio with Audition, or directly through Premiere Pro? Where room you trying come copy and paste it from?

Some places to inspect might by the audio clip mixer panel, and also the level ~ above the effect controls panel. You may have brought the original track down in volume somehow in either the level or fader by accident. It's really easy to do that if you're sliding things approximately on the timeline.

I did it directly through pro. Ns trying to copy that from one location on the modifying timeline and also paste the on another. Idk if ns looking in the best spot, but all my audio mixers the I have the right to see check out zero decibels. Is it possible to edit the mixer of a clip prior to I even put the in the timeline? If so whereby would that be?


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