Periscope, a Twitter-owned live video clip streaming app, was launched in in march 2015 and by august 2015, just 4 months because its inception, the business had exceeded ten million accounts.

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On Periscope, which is also obtainable through the fourth-generation to apologize TV, end 40 years of video clip is gift watched every day. However such a dizzying array of real-time broadcasts can end up being quite overwhelming after ~ a while.

Has Periscope to be tiring girlfriend lately? are you considering leaving the service? If so, this indict will aid you delete her account v Periscope, explain how deleting your Twitter account affects your Periscope experience and also more.

About deleting Periscope accounts

Periscope’s mobile application doesn’t include an account removal feature. And also unlike most other online services, Periscope’s web user interface lacks tools to delete her account conveniently in simply a couple of clicks.

Instead, you’ll have actually to contact Periscope support with a inquiry to delete your account, utilizing the steps outlined below. It’s crucial to keep in mental that you cannot sign up for a brand-new Periscope account using the very same Twitter account or phone call number after ~ it’s been deleted.

Your Twitter and also Periscope accounts

If girlfriend deleted your Twitter account, you won’t it is in able to accessibility your Periscope account and will have to start a new one. That’s because your Twitter account is the crucial to your Periscope account and also a single Twitter account have the right to only accessibility one Periscope account.

“Think around it like the crucial to her house. Your an essential won’t open anyone else’s house and also if you shed your key, you’re locked out of your house,” defines the company.

“That’s the same with Periscope.”

How to delete her Periscope account

To delete her Periscope account, email help
indigenous the email deal with that corresponds to your Twitter account. Your blog post must encompass the following:

Your Twitter and also Periscope user name (those that signed up with their phone number must only carry out their Periscope user name.The subject line need to read “Delete Account”.

Deleting her account might take some time so don’t be impatient if you don’t receive a answer from the support team ideal away. In the meantime, your account will be disabled and also inaccessible to others using Periscope.

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Deleting your Periscope will certainly not cost-free up your user name or Twitter account you initially used, definition you have the right to use the for another Periscope account if friend wish.