If did you do it accidentally sent out a message before it was ready, or have sent other you currently regret, you deserve to delete the from the chat. To discover how, simply follow our simple step-by-step guide below. Because that any additional information, check out our frequently asked questions at the end of this article.

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Note: You can only delete message you have actually actually sent. You cannot delete other people’s messages. To learn what other alternatives you have actually in such situations, please watch the FAQs.

How come delete message on Reddit (iOS/Android)

Open up the Reddit app on her mobile maker and sign in to your account if promptedTap the ‘Messages’ icon along the bottom of the page (it looks prefer a decided bubble through an ellipsis within it)
Locate and also tap on the chat v the message you great to delete
Next, tap and hold the message you wish to delete
Finally, native the pop-up options, select ‘Delete message’
You’ll be asked to confirm your deletion, to carry out so, tap ‘Delete’Repeat together necessary

How come delete messages on Reddit (desktop/website)

Open up your desired web browser and navigate to the Reddit website; sign into your Reddit account if promptedClick the ‘Messages’ icon along the top of the page (it looks like a speech bubble with an ellipsis inside it)From the lists of chats, select the one v the messages you great to deleteNext, hover your cursor over the message(s) you wish to deleteFinally, click the ‘Delete message’ garbage can/bin icon which shows up to the left that the messageYou’ll it is in asked to check your deletion, to execute so, click ‘Delete’Repeat together necessary

And there you have actually it! 7 easy measures to deleting your accidentally or erroneously sent messages. If you’re wondering what to do about unwanted messages people have sent you, climate head come our faqs below.

Frequently asked questions

Why would certainly I want to delete messages on Reddit?

Reddit, recognized as the “front page of the internet” is loved and used through millions of human being every day. With just around any kind of content and information you deserve to think of, held on any number of communities for any variety of niche subjects, you’ll find all species of world there. 

As such, friend may additionally find you begin receiving (or sending) message to assorted other Reddit users, and also before lengthy your inbox might just be complete of messages. Not all of these space invited though, not all wanted. What’s more, if she messaging earlier and forth, you might end up sending something you great you hadn’t. That course, girlfriend might additionally just struggle send prior to the blog post was fully formed. 

There are numerous reasons why you might want come delete message on Reddit, and also so we’re below to assist you do simply that. Monitor the tutorials over to learn how to delete messages on Reddit.

What happens as soon as I delete messages on Reddit?

When you delete a blog post you’ve sent to an additional user indigenous the conversation in Reddit, that blog post is instantly and permanently deleted. You cannot recover it, and also neither party will have the ability to see it ever again. However, if the recipient has already seen the message, this obviously can not be reversed.

In essence, we recommend the you take time to think about what you sending, and also make certain that you’re constantly messaging others through their thoughts and also feelings in mind. Be compassionate, and don’t send anything girlfriend think you could regret saying later.

What kind of messages deserve to I delete ~ above Reddit?

You can delete any messages which girlfriend yourself have actually sent. Girlfriend cannot, however, delete message other people have sent.

I don’t want to watch a blog post I’ve received, yet I can not delete it. What must I do?

If someone has actually sent you a post you deem to be offensive, threatening, or in any method misrepresentational, you may not have the ability to delete it, yet there is quiet something you deserve to do. You have the right to ‘Report’ this message, by adhering to steps comparable to those required to delete messages. 

Reporting a article to Reddit’s neighborhood of moderators will certainly flag that article (and hence the sender) as inappropriate, and also both the message and also user will be investigated. If it is understood by the moderators the the user has damaged Reddit’s regards to agreement, lock may confront account deletion or some other sanctions.

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Either way, reporting a message is rather a serious step – one which should only be taken if friend seriously believe it’s necessary. Friend do have other options, if the messages aren’t attack per say, yet you tho don’t desire to get them. You deserve to block the user from message you by click the Settings icon in the chat, and then selecting ‘Block’ and following the on-screen instructions. Similarly, you have the right to hide the conversation so the it disappears from her messages page.