One of the reasons Snapchat has been able to preserve its popularity over the year in the face of too much competition indigenous platforms like Instagram is that the agency has consistently added new, fun functions to its platform. Features like Stories, the Snap Map, and an ext have offered Snapchat some serious remaining power.

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Another popular feature that has actually been introduced to Snapchat is Bounce, a cool feature that to be announced a couple of years earlier but didn’t actually launch till August the 2018.

So what is Bounce? How deserve to you usage Bounce to produce fun breaks to share with your friends?

Let’s take a look in ~ what Bounce is and also how you can use that to produce a Boomerang top top Snapchat.

What is Bounce top top Snapchat?

Snapchat is together a feature-rich platform the those who are new to the platform may struggle to obtain the complete benefits available. Snapchat’s “Bounce” feature basically lets users select one part of a video to replay.

Combined with the loop option, together you’re watching a video clip a specific section will beat again. It’s kind of like a boomerang within another video. For example, let’s say you and also your friends and also skateboarding and also one girlfriend does something amazing, you deserve to play the video clip as you typically would however loop that one activity within the video.

Overall, it’s a neat feature that everyone need to try. So, let’s take a look in ~ the Snapchat Bounce feature.

How execute you do a Boomerang/Bounce video clip on Snapchat?

The Bounce feature is fairly easy come use. By adhering to just a few steps, you have the right to quickly and also easily do a Boomerang ~ above Snapchat.

We’ll to walk you through the steps below, starting with instructions on just how to upgrade your application to make certain it has actually the most up-to-date features.

Updating Snapchat

Before you actually begin using Bounce, you should make sure that her Snapchat is updated. The update gets you every one of the latest features, which means that you deserve to start using Bounce as soon as the update is complete.

To make sure your Snapchat app is updated, follow this steps:

Open the App Store on her iPhone.Go to Updates come find all of the apps, consisting of Snapchat, that need updating.Press the update button and wait till your an equipment downloads every one of the latest software application updates.

After the updates room complete, leave the application Store and relaunch Snapchat to start using the Bounce function at her leisure.

Press and Hold the record Button

When you open Snapchat and also get your camera ready, press and also hold the “Capture” button that appears on her Camera screen. Document until you get the video you space happy with.


Keep in mind, though, you deserve to still loop videos ~ above Android; however, the Bounce feature, which allows you come loop a specific portion of the video, has actually yet to come to Android.

Other Looping Options

If girlfriend don’t want to develop a Bounce, you deserve to use the loop feature to attain other tasks.

Limitless Snaps

Before Bounce was actually introduced, Snapchat users might utilize the limitless Snap option. Limitless Snaps are allowed when you press down top top the Infinity icon. This option allows you pick the number of snaps you wish to take and play as part of an boundless loop.


A continual Loop

If you don’t desire to use the Bounce option, girlfriend can additionally just choose to loop your videos there is no the back and forth motion. This choice was introduced means back prior to Bounce, so long-time Snapchat users space likely currently familiar through it. With the latest update, you have to tap twice on the Infinity icon to activate a continual loop.

Customizing her Bounce

Just favor with any type of other Snap, girlfriend can include text, stickers, and add links. To execute this, tap any kind of of the choices on the right-hand side of her Snapchat bounce video.

Tapping the ‘T’ symbol at the top offers you a text box to kind in when tapping the pen icon allows you to compose or draw. If you tap the difficult note icon you can select from a plethora of stickers.

Finally, tapping the attachment attach gives you the option to insert a URL to a webpage i m sorry is an excellent for influencers and also marketers.

Simply paste your URL into the message box at the optimal of the screen and also you’re an excellent to go.

Because your bounce video clip is a brief snippet the content, you deserve to actually add to it making it much more interesting or even an ext informative. Play approximately with the functions and also make the perfect revolving Snap!

Frequently request Questions

Will Android users ever before get the Bounce feature?

Unfortunately, as of 2021, there is no official word native Snapchat for Android users. Rumors began circulating earlier in 2018 when the attribute was introduced for iOS customers that developer were working on it. But, here we are practically three years later on with no option to usage the boomerang-like feature. U003cbru003eu003cbru003eOf course, Snapchat does expropriate feedback on u003ca href=u0022 assistance pageu003c/au003e. If you’re an Android user who has actually been patiently wait on the feature, it’s probably a great idea to send it together a suggestion and also get your friends to perform the same.

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Can i upload a boomerang to Snapchat?

Absolutely! particularly for those who execute not have feature natively, friend can create a quick clip and click the Card icon next to the record switch on Snapchat’s house page to upload a video you’ve tape-recorded somewhere else. Select the Loop option as mentioned above to make your video clip play over and over again. This is a workaround, yet it’s as close together we can obtain you to a boomerang v Snapchat’s current limitations.