Time Required: Under 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Learning exactly how to drill with glass can expand also your crafting and home repair collection in amazing brand-new means. However before, some otherwise eager DIY-ers stop jobs that require them to reduced a hole in glass out of safety pertains to or periodically a simple absence of expertise about appropriate devices and also methods.

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Lay the glass on a level surconfront and also place a scrap of plytimber slightly bigger than the piece to be drilled underneath. Line the plyhardwood with a rubber pad, sheets of newsprint or some type of cushioning product Meacertain and also note the spot on the glass where you want to location the hole. To proccasion glass damage, execute not drill within ¾ of an inch from any kind of edge Using masking tape, tape a huge X over the noted spot for the drill suggest. This will provide tractivity for the drill little bit and proccasion it from slippingTIP: Do not attempt to drill safety and security or tempered glass.

Fit a variable-speed power drill with a 1/8-inch or 3/32-inch carbide-tipped glass-cutting drill bit Don safety and security goggles, cut-resistant gloves and a mask for protection

To prevent glass damage, you have to drill a starter hole at the marked allude.

Place the allude of the drill at the facility of the noted suggest on the glass Pour a couple of drops of lubricating oil on the area roughly the drill guideline and also glass Beginning at low rate via medium press, drill a small starter hole right into the glass
Once the starter hole is begun, rerelocate the masking tape Continue to drill at the noted allude at low rate (around 400 rpm) Periodically stop the drill and also gently clear the glass dust from the hole with compressed air. Add more lubricating oil as needed to keep the drill suggest cool Speak and replace the drill little through the next dimension bigger carbide-tipped little bit, then proceed drilling, lightening up the push on the drill via each little readjust. Repeat till you have created the hole with the diameter you intend Once you have drilled about ¾ of the way with the glass thickness, soptimal and also turn the glass over to the reverse side Beginning via the smallest drill bit, repeat the drilling process on the oppowebsite side on low speed through slightly lighter pressure

A round file will certainly be make smoopoint out the edges of the hole less complicated. As an alternative, cut a tiny spilgrimage of sand paper, wrap it roughly an awl and also tape it secudepend.

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Use a 600-grit file to gently smooth any type of jagged edges in and also about the hole Rinse the glass piece to remove any type of dust
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