Trading is just one of the most exciting features the Pokemon games. Ago then, you need to have actually a connection wire come hook up your Gameboy or Gameboy advancement with another person’s machine to commence a trade. Nowadays, the web makes it simpler for world to trade with various players almost everywhere the world. The being said, a GBA emulator called MyBoy permits you come trade between yourself. It is why we’ll tackle how to trade Pokemon in MyBoy.

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That’s right, you don’t require the web or a link cable and also another mobile an equipment as long as you have actually MyBoy. The steps can be long however don’t worry, you have the right to evolve those Pokemon and get the exclusive ones native each game when you have MyBoy installed in your mobile device. These are the measures that you carry out to do these things.

What you need to understand on exactly how to profession Pokemon in MyBoy

Getting a MyBoy


You have to download a MyBoy emulator first. The MyBoy is obtainable for mobile gadgets that run on Android tools only. If you additionally have one Android emulator on her PC, then you can likewise download one. Then again, many PC individuals would just use a intuitive Boy breakthrough (VBA). It also doesn’t matter if you obtain the MyBoy indigenous the Google Playstore or download and also unzip an APK. This an approach will work. Finally, remember the the MyBoy is free to use and you don’t need to pay because that anything.

Getting the ROMs

Before we proceed, as well as the MyBoy you also need 2 ROMs with various save files. You deserve to have the same gamings like FireRed as lengthy as they room in different versions. It is because, during the profession process, the gamings will save, for this reason why you can’t use the very same ROM file. There space only five games in the GBA that you can do the trade and also they space FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Ruby, and also Sapphire. You do need to progress FireRed and also LeafGreen until you unlock the national Dex before you can trade v the various other three games.

The actions on just how to trade Pokemon in MyBoy

For this process, we will have actually FireRed with the female personality be video game 1 and LeafGreen v the male character as video game 2 because we will be swapping the gamings every now and also then.


Launch the first game i m sorry is any of the two yet in this case, will certainly be FireRed.


This is optional but you will have to put your character in the area wherein the profession will happen.


If you take a look at the image (ignore the black color background), click on the little square with the three small lines. This will certainly launch the choices menu which you will be relying on because that the term of the trade.


Now the you’ve pressed the small square, the alternatives menu will certainly pop out, so click on LINK LOCAL.


Click on an additional GAME.


Now, beginning the other game which is, in this case, is LeafGreen.


The video game will launch and also if you take it a look in ~ the image, GBA #2 will certainly be seen providing you the indication the this is the second game introduced while the other video game is on standby.


Another optional one but you have to take the second game’s character to the trading area.


In this point, the procedures on exactly how to trade Pokemon in MyBoy will need you to switch from one video game to other. That’s due to the fact that you’ll be managing two games and their options. Simply press ~ above the tiny square again and also click top top the SWITCH video game to keep changing.


The image above tells you which video game you are at this time on and clicking on the various other one will adjust you to the game.


Have both the your personalities initiate the trade Center.

FireRed Side
LeafGreen Side

FireRed Side
LeafGreen Side


When everything is done, you will do it see alternatives like under below. Just click on yes on every the alternatives and it will certainly send you come the following step.


Based on the image, both characters are currently in the trade room. Switch games and also make both characters sit top top their respective chairs.


Once both personalities are seated, open the trade choices and initialize the trade.


In every game, choose the Pokemon that you want to trade. You have the right to only profession one Pokemon in ~ a time so just keep that in mind.


The trade will commence.


If you trade a Pokemon that will evolve because of trading, climate it will certainly evolve first. The one that receives that will obtain the advanced Pokemon.


Both games will then instantly save once the profession is done.


You’ll be seeing this sign from time come time in instance you want to proceed trading or not.


You will be taken earlier to the trade display screen so you deserve to decide to store on trading or just finish the trade at this point. If you decide to profession again, then just do the procedures again from step 17.

In Closing

The actions on how to trade Pokemon in MyBoy does seem a bit complicated. The an excellent thing is that you won’t lose anything if friend did anything wrong. Just remember come swap the games and also the game that no on the screen will be on standby.

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Basically, nothing negative will happen to the other game so just proceed your trading until you’re done. This is really great when you want to trade between these games. That way, you have the right to evolve Pokemon that generally evolves with trading and also get the exclusive people from each game.