Say I want to do a rapid fade in ~ the end of a kick. In Ableton it's quickly done, and I deserve to visually view it, yet it seems really clumsy to perform in FL Studio. Or to be I lacking something?

Have tried browsing on google through no answers. It baffles my mind nobody has actually mentioned it.

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The only ways I view is either to make an automation clip for it, i beg your pardon is an extremely clumsy, or the fast fade in the menu, i beg your pardon fades out also much, or the "declicking" option, which doesn't it seems to be ~ optimal either. Then there is the ADSR options if I placed the sample in the step sequencer, yet then again, ns can't visually view what I'm doing, and also it seems an extremely clumsy come do.

TL:DR: I desire to do a intuitive fade choose in Ableton, but it doesn't it seems to be ~ possible. Is it?


Use Edison. Usage automation in playlist. Usage the various instrument properties.

All fast and easy and especially visual.

Using a plugin to perform this is not quick or simple. Rapid and simple is law this with simply one or two clicks like you have the right to do in ableton and also pro tools. I constantly found it weird that FL has no such straightforward feature, yet I thought it could just it is in me not knowing how to do it

Is it possible you're talking about the fade in/out knobs ~ above the sample properties? (Click right here sample in the cannel rack?


for the civilization stumbling across this post, ns made a quick video for you.

here's how i execute it -

Use the absent in a sampler. In the sampler there room in/out knobs. You’re going to desire to mess with the “out” knob.

Edit: five a intuitive fade. So i assume you know how to make a volume automation clip. If you want the fade to happen every kick, what you need to do is make the clip the same length as the kick. Modify as desired then delete the clip from the playlist. Go into the channel rack thing and also use the sequencer to trigger the automation clip every time the kick plays.

Hmm, that's smart, I always thought to just place lock under all my kicks and also stuff in the playlist

I never use edison. Click the height left of the sample and also go Automate >> Volume. Then just right-click the bottom left hand next of the automation clip.

Done in 3 seconds flat.

EDIT: Why the downvotes?

There's many of means to carry out this

There's a simple fade in-out tool on the sampler, i m sorry solves most every little thing I would have to use fade-in/out for. Otherwise, there's envelopes/lfo i beg your pardon works simply fine. Your best bet would certainly be using automation. Ns think what you're demanding indigenous FL can already be completed in many different ways.

Thanks because that the answer, yet those are the ways I already described. What ns really hoped for to be a visual fade directly on the audio clip, prefer in pretty much every other DAW. However it doesn't seem possible, sadly.

Maybe it'll will certainly come later on :) just wanted come make sure I didn't miss anything.

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Just as Occuts said, Edison is your finest bet at creating the volume envelope the you see a most producers do in Ableton. That can likewise be supplied in step mode which gives you a lot of of control over the curve unequal Ableton. Just allow the pencil in the bottom right corner of Edison; hold Alt and also draw away.