Fiberglass is known for its durability and it’s definitely better than metal and ceramic. That is why most homeowners prefer tubs that are made from this material. However, if the tub ends up with insufficient support or if it’s exposed to constant abuse, you’ll sooner or later notice the presence of cracks on its surface. If these aren’t repaired or treated immediately, they’ll grow bigger and deeper, thus totally damaging the fixture. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to repair hairline cracks in a fiberglass tub. Here’s a DIY guide for your reference.

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1. Use your preferred household cleaner to clean the affected area. Ensure that it is free from stains, dirt and mold to make the adhesive stick effectively. Once you’re done scrubbing the area with a sponge, rinse it with tap water and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth or rag.

2. Now get a fine-grit emery cloth and sand the affected area. Brush all the dirt away with a lint-free rag.

3. Prepare the fiberglass bonding agent or adhesive. Carefully apply it onto the crack with the brush that came with your kit. You may also use a small paint brush for this task. Paint the crack and apply the adhesive up to an inch long. Let the area dry and ensure that you’ll follow the instructions on the kit carefully.

4. When it’s already dry, fill the hairline crack with the fiberglass filler using a putty knife. If you see any excess putty, scrape it off with the knife as well. Once again, let the area dry.

5. Sand the repaired area with a fine-grit emery cloth again. Do so until the surface is already level. Once done, brush off the dirt or wipe them away with a lint-free rag.

6. Time to coat the surface! Check on the repair kit’s instructions and follow them carefully to create the epoxy gel mixture the right way.

7. When the coating is ready, use a small paint brush to apply it onto the patched surface. Paint the hairline crack and extend the coating to up two inches around.

8. Now cut a fiberglass cloth that will fit onto the repaired area. Press it firmly onto the wet epoxy coating and then run your putty knife across the cloth. Doing so will remove the air bubbles trapped under it. Make sure that the fiberglass cloth is flat on the surface.

9. Apply epoxy mixture onto the fiberglass cloth.

10. Finally, apply the finish coating or sealer that’s included in your kit. Use a paint brush to accomplish this task.

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