I got several piece of strength armor on mine travels with the intent of including them to my suits sitting approximately Sanctuary Hills i m sorry were every missing certain parts.

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The problem is that few of the armor piece were fully broken, problem was 0 and also interestingly load was likewise 0.

When i tried to include the armor item to a fit I gain a notice telling me ns can"t include armor to a frame if the is broken, so how am I mean to fix them if they room not component of a fit that deserve to be walked over to a power armor repair terminal as outlined in this question?

I make the efforts repairing castle from mine inventory directly at the repair station, adding them come the workshop inventory and repairing them indigenous the armor workbench yet none of this worked.

Is it even possible to fix a completely damaged power armor piece and also if so just how do I perform it?

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Yes the is possible. The broken armor pieces have to be in your inventory, then you need to go come a power armor terminal (while not wearing the power armor) and go to craft mode (by pressing A top top Xbox One, X top top PS4, and also E ~ above PC)

Then you can see every the pieces you have in her inventory and you should have the ability to repair lock by pressing Y / Triangle / T, no matter if they"re fully or partly damaged.

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Richard de Wit
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Additionally to
WayneEra"s answer:

When friend let a companion wear strength Armor, it is possible that they"ll immediately unequip damaged pieces. When you watch that, you"ll need to trade with your companion to get the item from their inventory into yours, therefore you deserve to repair it.

Once the piece is repaired, girlfriend can provide it earlier to her companion and also they"ll automatically include the repaired item to their strength Armor frame, suspect they"re still wearing it.

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Power armor components usually call for 2 piece of steel each. These deserve to be in your inventory or in your workshop inventory. Steel deserve to be discovered in junk items, ball peen hammers, wrenches, etc, or by scrapping signs, safety rails, desk lamp posts, etc from the workshop interface.If friend don"t have sufficient steel the strength armor rack won"t fix them.

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When girlfriend don"t have actually the required items to settle your armor part, the equip funtion will certainly still it is in greyed out. Try and struggle equip to watch what you"re missing.

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