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Most video clip players that you operation on desktop PCs and even numerous mobile media players assistance zooming. You deserve to zoom any video that girlfriend play in this players using built-in controls, no plugins required.

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In VLC Media Player because that instance, a well-known cross-platform media player, you deserve to zoom utilizing the Z-key, and reverse zoom with Shift-Z on the keyboard.

YouTube, and also most online video services, don”t support zooming in ~ all. When you deserve to zoom the pages, law so leaves the video clip untouched usually.

Zooming can be beneficial in specific situations, for circumstances when you desire to take a closer look in ~ something the is shown in a video or want to emphasis on a specific part of the video.

YouTube users have two main choices when it concerns the zooming the videos on YouTube. Use a web browser extension to add zooming capabilities, or usage a third-party video player v zooming functionality to pat YouTube videos.

Check out the following browser extensions that include zooming options to YouTube:

Other extensions, Magic Actions because that YouTube because that instance, may enlarge the player area as much as the full size of the browser window. While that is not zooming, it might be enough for some individuals who want to see much more details ~ above the screen.


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The “Z” role does nothing on my computer when viewing downloaded YouTube videos top top VLC. It claims it is zooming in the top RH corner, however nothing in reality happens.

— Open net pages saved with Internet traveler or various other browsers (MHT) — Save plenty of tabs, video and audio reliably, in a single ZIP document (MAFF) — return to the initial site you saved a web page from, and more!

Set a minimum text dimension for all internet content. Usage the toolbar button to move it on and off. NEW: 3 preset sizes. NEW: Use computer mouse scroll ~ above the toolbar button.

Fine article! ns cant belive the youtube hasn’t incorporated by himself a simple funtion prefer a zoom option! the firefox extention works good Ty!

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