GTA V has actually a riches of distractions and also side missions to enjoy and also the atomic Blimp is one of the most fun of all.

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You can fly it, block roadways with it and perhaps ideal of every marvel at exactly how explosive it is by producing spectacular collection pieces. To discover it just look because that the Blimp prize on the map and when girlfriend inevitably ruin it, then use the katifund.orgntacts list in your phone to call up a brand-new one after you’ve unlocked the an initial Franklin mission.

Blimps room nothing new in GTA gaming history, yet this is the an initial one that you deserve to fly and additionally the very first one you can destroy. Similar to the original Zeppelins, the blimp is full of helium and as such extremely flammable.

In the video clip below we test it out versus the unstoppable train and the trigger-happy army base v spectacular results.


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