Heartache through the Number - Investigation

Cassidy will desire to investigate the ruins of her caravan to salary respect for her men. Girlfriend probably already passed that on the road, so simply travel to it or a surrounding waypoint and also walk approximately the ruins. She need to start a conversation noting the she hadn’t linked “burned to ash” with power weapons. It doesn’t look choose a bandit attack, for this reason we have actually a little more work come do.There’s another caravan that was fight in the northwest. You can go about the piece to get to it. Watch out for nearby cazadors though. These guys load a big punch at any type of level. As soon as you make it to the Griffen Wares caravan wreckage, just strategy the load brahmin to trigger another conversation. Cass will suggest out that they were attacked by energy weapons too.There’s just one an ext caravan to inspect out. The a much ways off to the eastern of the Strip. Walk over to the significant location throughout the leg to discover Durable Dann’s Wrecked Caravan. This one is a little an ext helpful. There room two dead valve Graff thugs and a Crimson Caravan thug. Walk ahead and loot their bodies when Cass examines it. She’ll tell you that this official seals the case. She desires revenge.

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Heartache by the Number - Revenge

Cass desires to simply kill both of the leaders. Alice McLafferty is easy. If you’ve got a silenced weapon, you can probably just sneak in at night and shoot she in the head a few times there is no anyone knowing. Gloria valve Graff is a small harder. Girlfriend should probably work with her because that a little bit under “Birds of a Feather.” If you do the first quest, she’ll to trust you as a guard and also you’ll be allowed to lug weapons inside. You’ll probably just have to shoot her. Another option is to take up the job of a protection guard, yet let the critical man right into the keep (the one the “declares” his revolver). He will suicide bomb the store and also take treatment of the difficulty for you. Otherwise, friend can development Birds the a Feather until Jean-Baptise asks because that you to carry Cass right into the store. He desires to kill her, so the will trigger a gunfight. The benefit is the you’ll be somewhat concealed away in a side hallway.

Killing Alice and also Gloria will reason Cass to pick up the “Heart of Vengeance” perk. She’ll do more damage with guns.If you desire to do things the lawful way, you can gain proof of their conspiracy. The Crimson Caravan’s component is straightforward to find. The safe is reasonably hidden and also only needs 50 point out in Lockpick. You have the right to probably simply crouch by her desk and also pick the lock. Friend can also pickpocket the key off that Alice. Take the holotape and also show it come Cass to check the very first part of your evidence.The van Graff proof is a little harder come get. You’ll require 75 clues in Lockpick or an office crucial from one of the safety Gloria. Friend will also need to usage a stealth boy, since there shows up to it is in a guard by the office door at every times. Usage the stealth boy to acquire inside the office and also then choose the lock on the safe. If you room able come steal the an essential and don’t have the point out in lockpick, it’s feasible to open up the safe by hacking the nearby computer with 75 clues in Science. You can acquire the letter from the for sure to check the conspiracy.Cass will imply taking it come Ranger Jackson to make certain it get the ideal hands.

Delivering the evidence to Ranger Jackson in ~ Mojave station will to convince Cass the the administrative nightmare she simply unleashed is far worse than merely killing a couple of of their leaders.

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Giving the NCR evidence of the trader’s crime will give Cass the “Calm Heart” perk, which gives her one more 50 HP.

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