So, a number of points have the right to be inherited with reproduction - we glossed over these earlier: moves, IVs, Nature, species, and also abilities. Here’s the specifics:


Only particular moves can be inherited, and it’s not necessarily clear what. However before, if it’s a move the Pokémon would certainly usually learn by leveling up, it have the right to be passed down by either or both parental fees discovering it.

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Certain Egg Moves , regularly only found on certain species, can be passed dvery own by both parents - not eincredibly relocate is an Egg Move, keep that in mind.

Individual Values (IVs)¶

IVs (Individual Values) assist to determine stat expansion by Level 100: for each IV in a stat, you will certainly then earn 1 suggest at Level 100. IVs array from 0 to 31 in all stats. Normally, it’s determined by an RNG in the game if you don’t hold particular items.

If the called item below is hosted once breeding, there’s an excellent chance that the called stat will be inherited, and also pretty a lot certain it will certainly if both organize it.

Destiny Knot: 5 random IVsPower Anklet: SpeedPower Band: Special DefensePower Belt: DefensePower Bracer: AttackPower Lens: Special AttackPower Weight: Max HP



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Having a beneficial nature is crucial for competitive play.

Pokémon have actually specific natures , which you can properly engineer so that you gain much better stats (+10%). Normally, it is determined at random. However before, holding an Everstone assures that the son gets the holder’s Nature - obviously, if the parents differ in nature and also both host Everstones, it’s a 50-50 crapshoot.


Previously mentioned, if two Pokémon are in the same Egg Group, then the boy is of the female’s species, except under certain scenarios.


In Pokémon X/Y, eextremely Pokémon has 2 slots for abilities . In the named list, eincredibly final-noted capability is a Hidden Ability, unmuch less it is the just one (which implies it WILL have actually it). Otherwise… When it pertains to the first-detailed one, the kid has actually a 80% possibility of inheriting it, and also 20% for the second one: first and also second refer to the female parent’s present Ability and the one it doesn’t have actually, respectively.

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For instance, let’s say you’re breeding two Fennekin. If the female has Blaze, then tbelow is an 80% possibility the kid will have actually Blaze, or 20% for Magician. Likewise, if the female Fennekin has actually Magician, then tright here is an 80% possibility of the kid obtaining Magician and 20% for Blaze.

Hidden Abilities¶


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Not all Hidden Abilities are useful, but some–choose Gale Wings–are exceptional.

Tbelow are distinct, rare abilities dubbed Hidden Abilities - they were typically only discovered via the Dream World on the Global Link in B/W or some Pokémon just outideal had them.

They’re a bit different when it concerns inheritance in that the female or the male can know it. If the female has actually it, there’s an as-of-yet-unfigured out high chance of it being inherited. If you don’t have a female with it, you have the right to breed the male and also Ditto for a chance at having it.


Typically, one of the more apparent ways to detect illegitimate Pokémon on pure monitoring was the Pokéball they were recorded in. Because some Pokémon, such as Munchlax, are only available with breeding, you would certainly need to be suspicious in previous generations if the Munchlax was recorded in anything other than a Poké Ball.

This is different in X/Y - currently the Pokéround that recorded the female will be viewed as having captured the child. This has a bit even more of a strategic impact than you think. If you throw out a Dragonite from a Poké Ball digital, your foe could be specific it knows the Egg Move Iron Tail to counteract any kind of Ice-types he might sfinish it versus it.

If it comes out in an Ultra Ball or the choose, he/she have the right to be more particular that you discovered it (or a pre-evolutionary form) in the wild and also it won’t understand it. But because this is masked, no one knows…


The Shiny attribute of a Pokémon cannot be inherited. However before, the Masuda technique, which basically renders you breed via worldwide Pokémon, permits Shinies to be almost six times even more widespread. The specifics… Pokémon in the wild have actually a opportunity of being Shiny equal to 1 in 4,096 in this game, which is basically 0.0244%.

You have the right to usage PokéRadar/Fishing chaining to increase it approximately 40 in 4,096 or so (0.976%) if you’re lucky. Then aacquire, those preferring to breed have the right to use 2 Pokémon from different-nationality games (basically yours and also one more country’s) to make the possibilities 1 in 1,366, cshed to 3 in 4,096, or around 0.0732%.

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It’s still rare as crap, but it’s more than likely worth it if chaining ain’t your point.