It’s been a while since we’ve bothered through the main story, and if friend forgot, us were supposed to investigate tiny Lamplight to watch if we might find our means into Vault 87, i m sorry is claimed to have a G.E.C.K. There’s no suggest in trying to take project Purity back if we can’t gain it started, right? Head over to little Lamplight secure in the understanding that there are no much more distractions lurking to attract your attention away from the Enclave… well, mostly.

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Scribe Rothchild will suggest you towards the Lamplight Caverns, with which we can reach Vault 87 (left). But little Lamplight isn’t unnoccupied-you’ll have actually to deal with Mayor MacCready to gain accessibility (right).

1) Meeting v MacCready

We’ve been here before, remember? it was during our very first epic Bobblehead hunt. Okay, we never went inside, yet we should have at least found the map marker by now. You’ll find little Lamplight follow me the far western edge of the map, phibìc of the Yao Guai Tunnels. Go inside and also when you come to a barricade you’ll it is in harassed by one market MacCready, who is a little of an ass. Either succeed in ~ a Speech examine (which by now have to be cheese) or phone call MacCready that you saved the children from Paradise drops to get access. Go on in and also talk to MacCready around Vault 87, who will phone call you the a cheery place called “Murder Pass” is the just route since some computer system was broken. Gain him to open up it because that you-by currently we have small to fear from any type of “Murder Pass”. Alternatively, us can also go uncover some kid called Joseph and see if us can’t obtain the earlier door open, therefore bypassing “Murder Pass”.

2) Escorting Stick

Just west the the entrance door you’ll check out a boy called Sticky gaining exiled for getting too old and becoming a mungo. Speak to him and also he’ll shot to solicit one escort to large Town native you. He’ll offer you a Party cap if girlfriend asked why he was wearing it, for what that’s worth. Friend won’t obtain anything because that helping the out, however it’s only a fast-travel far if you feel like doing that anyways.

3) Bumble’s Boogeyman

From the entrance door head east, north-east to find the “Little Lamplight Office Building”, in this building-which doubles together the schoolhouse and also hospital girlfriend can generally find Lucy, who will cure you up. Over there are likewise two note in the medical room ‘Journal of Carrie Delaney, entry 1“ and “Journal the Carrie Delaney, entry 2”. You can additionally find Bumble, a clumsy girl you deserve to convince to come external with you because that wonderful enslavement purposes, need to you succeed at a Speech challenge. Tempt her outside and also watch the Slaver Eulogy sent out over go to work. You’ll lose karma, of course, and if girlfriend go inspect up top top Eulogy, you’ll gain the Boogeyman’s Hood .

4) Unsavory Trades for Unsavory Treats

Return come the entrance door again and also head down a tunnel come the north, climate west, stopping as soon as you reach a fork through some wood signs. If you follow the course to the south-west (signs pointing right here indicate “Spelunkers” and “Great Chamber”) you’ll with a room with number of pools of suspicious-looking water in it. Here you can discover Eclair (as well together a rotation of most of the tiny Lamplighters). Speak to Eclair and ask around where the fungus come from, then talk to MacCready again and also either succeed at a Speech challenge to gain yourself ten pieces of cave Fungus (and shed some karma) or succeed at a Barter check to lug MacCready two pieces of weird Meat or Buffout because that some cavern Fungus. If you run into Zip you have the right to trade part Nuka-Cola because that Mutfruit. That’s right, trade an expensive item that have the right to be used to make powerful grenades because that useless fruit. Pass. If girlfriend run into Knock-Knock you have the right to tell she a story around your life so far.

5) Souvenir Shop

Schematic - Bottlecap Mine

Continuing west will lead united state to the great Chamber… which we’ll get to, eventually. Instead backtrack earlier up come the north-east and also return to the fork, this time exploring the western branch (the sign pointing in this direction reads “Souvenirs”). Follow the winding route a quick distance till you uncover two structures-one elevated, one on ground-level. The soil level restrooms space pretty boring, so visit the elevated Souvenir Shop, instead. From Knick-Knack (the proprietor) you have the right to buy the Schematic - Bottlecap Mine . This have to be our last Schematic in the game. Huzzah. If you haven’t yet, be certain to craft one of each Schematic weapon to score a trophy/achievement.


6) choose on Princess

To the west lies one more entrance to the good Chamber, while to the north you’ll uncover the (now-opened) door to killing Pass. Girlfriend should find Princess by the gate to murder Pass, and also you can obtain Sammy to tell friend why she’s named Princess with a Speech check. As soon as you’ve started in on her, you have the right to make a examine to tell she she has no friends and lose part karma. Since we’re petty favor that. We deserve to now go off to murder Pass-but very first lets inspect out the an excellent Chamber.

7) The ago Door

Wandering somewhere roughly here you’ll uncover Joseph, the teacher of little Lamplight-and a barber. Asking him about the route to Vault 87 and also he’ll tell you the the computer that opens up the door to Vault 87 is broken. Ask the to rotate the terminal back on, and he’ll perform so. Currently you just need come succeed in ~ hacking the terminal to get access to Vault 87. Well, the wasn’t therefore bad, right?


9) killing Pass

Book - U.S. Army: 30 comfortable Flamethrower Recipes

From the enntrance gate head north, then as soon as you with a fork a quick distance on, turn west. You’ll view a leg in the distance through a tripwire trap in front of it. Disarm the trap then head throughout the bridge, killing everything Super Mutants you uncover along the way. Proceed down a slope to the west until you discover a tiny round table, on optimal of i m sorry is are two first aid boxes and a copy of U.S. Army: 30 comfortable Flamethrower Recipes . There are also two ammo boxes nearby.

10) story on optimal of a Toilet

Book - tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Go back to where you gotten in the level and also follow the north fork until you pertained to a large chamber. Head past some barricades and also turn east to uncover a shack. Roughly the east side that the shack you’ll find the enntrance gate to the shack, because that one, but more importantly a wooden ramp leads to a make-shift bathroom. On height of the toilet tank you’ll find a copy that Tales that a Junktown Jerky Vendor .

11) Murderin’ much more Mutants in murder Pass

From the shack head north over a fell down fence, then turn west, north-west, then into a tunnel come the north. Monitor this tunnel till you reach another fork. There’s a authorize that reads “KEEP the end NOT component OF TOUR” near some sandbags. If girlfriend head north you’ll collection out top top a route that leads to Vaul 87, but an initial considering exploring down to the route to the south-west, which will take united state to the northern finish of the big chamber us were in earlier, which we passed through on our method to grabbing a copy the U.S. Army: 30 comfortable Flamethrower Recipes . There space Super Mutants to death and very first aid boxes and ammo boxes come loot.

12) to Vault 87

Return to the fork and explore the north-western route now, happen the sand bags and also onward to Vault 87. Proceed northish until you reach a fork. The western route is a dead-end through a trip-wire rigged to a dead Brahmin corpse, so take it the eastern path. Store going till you clues a fence through a feet in it. There’s another trip-wire in prior of a dust ramp which you have the right to either avoid or disarm. Pass through the fence and head under a tunnel come the east, transforming north once you much until you uncover a vault door.

13) Looting the Vault Room

In the small room beyond you can score a very first aid box, 3 ammo boxes, a Nuka-Cola Quantum, and also a Stealth young on a shelf. There’s also a push plate rigged to a Grenade Bouquet close to a workdesk in the room. Go with a door to the north and also continue on till you reach a door resulting in the Reactor Chamber. When you get in the pursuit “Picking up the Trail” ends and also “Finding the Garden of Eden” begins.


14) Reactor Chamber

Book - Nikola Tesla and also You

Make your way up a path heading north, climate west, climate north again to reach one more metal door. Go into the vault and continue north a brief distance till you reach a fork. Revolve west and head some stairs, then proceed west until you reach a fork. Revolve south and also go v a door, inside you’ll uncover a mannequin with a wood crate in former of it, i m sorry in turn contains some Whiskey and a copy that Nikola Tesla and You. Leave this room and go through another door to the north, previous a rude metal barrel and also into a room wherein a safe and also a “Peter Stevens personal Journals” terminal top top a adjacent table. If you proceed to the phibìc you’ll uncover the leave out to The an excellent Chamber, and some Makeshift Bedding. You might need the healing.

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15) come the life Quarters

Backtrack to the south and return up the stairs to the east. Once you reach the fork at the optimal of the stairs revolve north and also head under the unexplored tunnel in the direction, which leader to a Radroach lived in room. A supervisor Mutant will more than likely barge in on friend at part point, but it’s nothing a few bullets can’t fix. Go through a doorway come the north and also continue down a tunnel, transforming west when you must and heading up part stairs and also into a little reactor room. Dispatch some Super Mutants and also go through one more doorway come the south and also up some stairs to with the Living soldier of Vault 87.