There"s 12 division 2 masks to be discovered in the game, and also to acquire them you have to kill Hunters. Right here are every one of the division 2 mask locations and also how to acquire them


With Warlords of brand-new York top top the instant horizon, it"s around time girlfriend got every one of the department 2 masks, isn"t it Agent? every mask is a distinctive drop from challenging mini-bosses referred to as Hunters, and also you should solve part obscure puzzles in order to acquire all 12 masks. Thankfully for you, we"ve got every one of the masks in The department 2 and have a finish guide below for each one, for this reason you have the right to simply follow our instructions to ensure her character is fully decked the end going right into Warlords of new York. If any kind of more department 2 masks become easily accessible in the expansion, we"ll be certain to update this guide.

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If you"re looking to achieve the department 2 cream color Keys, you"ve likewise come to the best place. Along with dropping the division 2 masks, eight the the 12 hunters will additionally drop among the division 2 ivory Keys provided to open up the crate within the White House. Review on for information on how to spawn and also kill every among the department 2 hunters and obtain every 12 division 2 masks.

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What room The division 2 masks?

Masks in The department 2 are an item of apparel you can acquire for her character, equippable in the top-right hand corner of the Apparel menu. Lock look like creepy hockey masks and there room 12 in total, however it’s i can not qualify you’ll just stumble throughout the masks through the story. They require you to complete some convoluted steps adhered to by a challenging boss to acquire them.

How to attain The division 2 masks

Each of the 12 masks needs you to do some seemingly arbitrarily tasks, which will cause one of the Hunters to spawn. As we mentioned, these males are tough; castle specialise in taking down department agents so we’d recommend gift level 30, and enlisting the help of part pals. When you death the Hunter, they’ll autumn their corresponding mask, and for every encounter, one of the eight division 2 ivory Keys will drop too. Remember the for the Hunters come spawn, it needs to be night time.

While the steps forced to finish seem random, they’re actually the an outcome of many ar members searching high and also low because that cryptic clues found in graffiti about the map. They’re near impossible for the typical player to settle unless they know exactly what they’re looking for, so we’d recommend you review on for everything you require to attain all 12 division 2 masks.

How to obtain the Demon Mask

You won’t have the ability to tackle any type of of these work until you’ve perfect the next mission which introduces you to a Hunter because that the first time. It’s found due east from the Demolition website control suggest in Downtown East, and also ends v a scripted fight wherein you obtain electrocuted and the Hunter leaves v a door.

When you’ve completed that side mission, the Demon Mask can be found in the exact same building. Go earlier down to the atrium, then look east and you’ll see four targets in the windows. Shoot every of the targets when from optimal to bottom and the Demon Hunter will spawn in a puff of smoke below the windows. Kill him to achieve the Demon Mask.

For the Wraith Mask, head come the Southwest region of the map, and in the south-east corner is the interstate 395 BN road. Walk to the memorial with the flag, climate shoot out the light on the left-hand side so the memorial is no longer illuminated.

Step behind the flag therefore you’re no longer in the water, then salute the memorial. This should cause the Wraith Hunter to generate in former of you - if girlfriend can’t gain him come appear, shuffle around and salute indigenous some different positions behind the flag.

How to obtain the Crimson Mask

Back come the Downtown east area, look to the far east for the Stronghold. Right listed below the Stronghold on the map is a huge building through a big courtyard in the middle.

Run to the southern part of the building and interact with a walkie talkie ~ above the desk, then sprint across the courtyard come the northern component and connect with the telephone. The Crimson Hunter will generate in the middle of the courtyard.

How to get the Ghoul Mask

Head end to West potomac Park following for the Ghoul Mask, and along Henry Bacon Dr NW there space three underground entrances located in a tiny vicinity. Go into via the southern one and take the phibìc tunnel right into the room with the Echo. On the next of the wall is a big map with a laptop beneath it; connect with the laptop to irradiate up the map, which states a place with “X marks the spot”.

You desire to go to this place, i m sorry is along the body of water between the Lincoln Memorial and also the Washington Monument. You’ll check out a little shelter raised over a shipping crate through a lightbulb hanging; shoot out the lightbulb and also the Ghoul Hunter will spawn.

How to acquire the Midas & Revenant Masks

You’re absolutely going to need some aid for this one, because you have to take on two Hunters simultaneously for the Midas Mask and Revenant Mask. When you’ve completed the grape max Event center mission, head come the much west side of the West End an ar and look because that the swimming pool.

Stand in the middle of the pool and also perform the Jumping Jacks emote. This will reason both Hunters to generate at the exact same time. Make certain you’ve completed the appropriate mission in this area an initial though, otherwise they won’t spawn.

How to get the Death, Cross, Diamond & Phantom Masks

Did friend think the last 2 were tough, taking out two Hunters in ~ once? Bless. Currently you need to fight four Hunters at the very same time, to obtain the fatality Mask, cross Mask, Diamond Mask and Phantom Mask.

For this incredibly complicated challenge, go to the water resource node straight north the the Sinkhole control suggest in the eastern Mall. Get in the coffee shop on the west side and also by the corner of the counter will it is in a lever. Pull it, then run outside and also sprint around the Christmas tree a couple of times. This will cause all 4 Hunters come spawn. Good luck, champ.

How to acquire the Specter Mask

This one took the neighborhood over a week to solve, but the Specter mask riddle have the right to now ultimately be derived "legitimately". Head end to the department of farming building, which will certainly be a contaminated zone if you"ve got to end-game.

Head to the prior entrance and also stand on top of the crashed truck. Take a solitary shot weapon prefer a rifle, then shoot the windows in the numbered bespeak in the picture. As long as it"s night time and you don"t miss a shot, the Specter Hunter will spawn to the right-hand next on ground level. If girlfriend do miss out on a shoot or the doesn"t spawn for any kind of reason, you"ll need to re-log ands shot again the following night.

How to get the Ghost Mask

Hallelujah! The Ghost hunter has been fixed and also is currently able come be completed via the appropriate methods. Turns out, it"s actually quite simple.

Capture the Washington Monument control point then head inside, under the rope and to the monitor at the earlier of the basement. Connect with the button and a zoomed in map that the neighboring area will appear with three places circled. These room the locations of three agent graves.

You just need to visit all 3 at night time and also salute them, while encountering in the direction of the Washington Monument. You"ll know that it"s to be done correctly because your UI will obtain a staticky effect. As soon as you"ve done all three, head earlier to the Washington Monument.

Go ago down the rope come the monitor and also interact v the button again. Photo of an orange one will appear on the screen. Go back up the rope and also outside, where you"ll see an orange circle emphasize on the ground. Stand inside it for a few seconds and the Ghost hunter will appear directly in front of you. Kill him and congratulations! You"ve earn the 12th and also final hunter mask, together with the eighth ivory Key.

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