When gaining a brand-new phone on Verizon, you have two options: you can either activate that on a two-year contract or you can activate that on Verizon"s sheet program. In the near future, Verizon will change out the two-year contracts and also move solely to the edge plan. For the time being, let"s take it a look in ~ the difference in between the two options so girlfriend can figure out what"s best for you.

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The Two-Year Contract


How it Works

The two-year contract model is just how cell phones in America have been because that awhile. Through a two-year contract, you purchase your brand-new phone native Verizon at a heavily discounted price and, in 2 years, you are able come purchase an additional phone in ~ a discounted price. Throughout the two-year period, you can not terminate her Verizon business or the specific line from company without facing an early termination fee (ETF). However, the two-year contract does no lock you into a certain service arrangement type. For example, you can readjust the data pin money on your setup whenever you desire without facing any kind of fees or paying an ETF. The two-year contract only applies to the phone gift upgraded.

The Subsidized Phone

As previously mentioned, top top a two-year contract you acquisition the phone at a huge discount. For example, you can upgrade come a 16GB iphone phone 6 top top a two-year contract and also pay $199 for the phone. However, that particular iPhone actually expenses $649. Verizon gives a large subsidy on the phone hardware since you space signing a two-year contract. Due to the fact that you space purchasing the call outright, you own the phone during and also after the two-year period.

Other Fees

The 2 year contract come with an ext fees than phones top top the sheet program. One fees is the upgrade/activation fee. Whether you are upgrading or adding a brand-new line ~ above a Verizon two-year contract, you pay a $40 every line upgrade/activation fee that mirrors up in your following bill. Nearly all Verizon customers, with the exception being larger business accounts, salary this fee.

The other fee relevant to a two-year contract is the ETF. On Verizon, the ETF on a two-year contract because that a smartphone is $350 as soon as you first purchase your phone and also sign the contract. This $350 ETF on “advanced devices” (smartphones) remains for the very first seven month of the contract. From month 8-18, the ETF declines by $10 per month. From month 19-23, it declines by $20 every month. In the last month of her contract, the ETF to reduce by $60.

Verizon leaf Program


How that Works

The Verizon EDGE organization has been about for nearly two year now and also is the regimen that Verizon will be exclusively moving come in the close to future. On Verizon EDGE, you obtain your phone for free and pay off the device"s complete retail price over 24 months. You space not locked right into a contract and avoid many of the fees linked with the two-year contract. Verizon also gives girlfriend a discount on her monthly organization for each line on EDGE.

Owning vs. Financing

On Verizon EDGE, you pay the sales taxes on the phone as soon as you an initial get the maker and climate finance the sleeve sales price over 24 monthly payments. This means at the end of 2 years, her phone is fully paid off. Girlfriend do have actually the alternative of payment a down payment on the maker when you an initial purchase it. This will lower your monthly payment. At any type of time during the 24 months, you deserve to pay turn off the balance owed on her phone and own it. Friend can also make a under payment equal to the full price the the phone as soon as you first get the in stimulate to protect against a monthly sheet payment. On sheet in bespeak to update to a brand-new phone, you must have 100% of the phone paid off. However, you space not locked right into a contract. This means you might get a brand-new phone ~ above Verizon EDGE, pay it off in a month and then cancel the organization on the heat without payment an ETF.

Monthly Line access Discounts ~ above EDGE

In enhancement to not paying update fees or ETFs, EDGE customers obtain a per line discount on their monthly access fees for each phone on the edge program. ~ above a two-year contract, the monthly access fee for a smartphone is $40 per line. On EDGE, you get a $15 or $25 discount off this fee every line. The discount counts on the lot of data on your plan. Accounts with 4GB or below receive the $15 per line discount while accounts with 6GB or much more data get the $25 discount.

EDGE vs. Two-Year Contract

Basically, if you have 6GB or more data on her Verizon account and also plan on maintaining your data pin money at or over that level, the EDGE routine is an ext affordable. For customer"s v 4GB of data or less, leaf is slightly an ext expensive over two years. In both cases, however, customer"s benefit from the EDGE program in the sense that they room not locked right into a two year contract and can upgrade their phone whenever they want. You also avoid numerous of the pesky fees connected with activating her phone on a two-year contract.

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Now, let"s look at a pair numerical examples. The adhering to two scenarios will compare the costs of sheet vs a two-year contract for a customer"s account through two 16GB iphone phone 6"s. We will certainly look at an instance assuming a 2GB data allowance and also one assuming a 10GB allowance. Sales tax in this instance is collection to 9.5%.

2 16GB iphone phone 6"s through 2GB the Data


2 16GB iphone phone 6"s with 10GB the Data


Have any questions about the Verizon two-year commitment or edge program? leave a comment listed below or reach the end to united state over our net chat!