I realize many of girlfriend will just scoff and also tell me come Google it, however No no! I've replayed that damn mission 20 times, always keeping she alive and yes even sitting through the cutscenes much more than I'd like to admit. The magic 7x11 bullshit ain't workin' because that me. So, If you have any pointers, I'd love to hear what precisely I'm doing wrong, because tbh: this suck balls.

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The biggest preeminence I've seen people overlook is the 7 times need to be in a row. Together in, every in one session, beat the mission over and over again. Replay till without notice, she'll be earlier (poster is up, she's in the friend list. One proviso is if girlfriend have an ext Quiet equipment to develop, the iDroid will point out the projects obtainable for development.).

Sortie v minimal equipment so the air supply crates won't price as much. Or have a sniper duel. Just don't pull the create as Miller desires you to after the fight.

There's the rub, that seems. Thanks for the pointers. 7 back to earlier it is! I'll report earlier with findings.

I know I had actually to do it much more than 7 times and also I'm not sure why however I acquired frustrated and also just kept dropping crates top top her until it worked. Doing it that means 7 time in a row will certainly hopefully unlock it. I must have actually done that mission a an excellent 10-15 times before it worked.

I played the mission over 20 times to acquire the reunion tag. I uncovered out that the tag comes up once the quantity of GMP earn on that mission on the mission list goes down to 10-20. It have to be highlighted in blue. I witnessed it drop under to 10 thousand, thousand, hundreds, climate 30. It take it a long time.

Edit: you deserve to skip the cutscenes

Make sure your game is totally updated, make sure you've to win all objectives up v 50, make sure you aren't utilizing the butterfly emblem, make sure you're playing the mission 7 times in a row. Once I to speak 7 time in a row, I median in one sitting, through nothing rather in between. If you turn your system off, you'll need to start indigenous the beginning.

Strange. As long as you defeat her using just Non-Lethal weapons, climate you shouldn't have any issues.

How have you been beating her?

You must: use Non-Lethal weapons to loss her, replay the mission 6 times (each time you need to keep her alive and also bring her ago to MB), on your 7th replay the mission location will adjust to Reunion. Then just defeat her w/ Non-Lethal and bring her back to MB.

Yeah, keeping her lively at the finish seems prefer it would be every you need to do, however not using nonlethal weapons is the just thing I can think of that you could be doing wrong.

You don't have to sit with cutscenes, and also you're permitted use things favor stealth camo if you want to make it yes, really quick.

I've usage the brennan to punch her nice brains the end 7 time in two hits and also I gained her, friend just need to put her on the chopper alive

This isn't true. I was blasting her in the face with the serval and got her back. You simply can't kill her in the cutscene.

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the component about the NL weapons isn't true, i took her down with the brennan however kept her lively every time i did it

Not true, the only dominion is law it 7 times in a row and also sparing her. You have the right to use lethal weapons as far as i know.