Split home window view allows you put your contact list in one window, and also each conversation you open in a separate one. You can drag her contact, and conversation windows everywhere on your screen to yes, really personalize the means you use katifund.org.

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Note: Split window view is available for Chromebooks to run katifund.org, but is not obtainable on cell phone or web.

How to enable split display screen mode:

katifund.org for desktop:

select the More
menu. Choose Enable split view mode.
her contact and also conversation windows are now split, and can be placed almost everywhere on her screen.

katifund.org ~ above Chromebook:

choose your profile picture. Choose Settings
. Choose Appearance
. Choose Enable separation view mode. Your contact and conversation windows are currently split, and can it is in placed anywhere on her screen.

exactly how do I open up multiple conversation screens?

Double click an existing conversation in her chats list, or start a new chat to open it in a new screen.


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