Castle Crashers is a 2D indie-style game wbelow all the objectives are essentially: ‘kill em’ all!’ It’s much better when playing multiplayer or online but that doesn’t take the fun out of solo play. The game initially came out in 2008 via a remastered version released in 2015, yet also after these many kind of years, you can still rig the game in your favour with this xp glitch! 

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Keep in mind that you can’t do this Castle Crashers xp glitch as shortly as you begin the game. To obtain began, you at least need a pet, a weapon that doesn’t have actually any elepsychological damages, and the left side of the map cost-free. You also require the horn to unlock Hawkster as a pet. If you already have actually Hawkster, skip to Part 3 of this guide!With a punch, smash, and also bang, you deserve to find out how to glitch your method right into a hefty amount of XP! 

Part 1: Obtaining The Horn

Firstly, you require the horn in order to acquire Hawkster, so here’s exactly how to obtain the horn:Step 1 Head to the Marsh level and also play via the level until you get to the boss. Step 2Once beat, the villagers will hand also you the horn as a give thanks to you for saving them. 

Part 2: Get Hawkster

Now you should get the pet Hawkster before you have the right to continue on to the XP glitch.Tip 1You’ll should take a random pet and head to the Tall Grass Field. Tip 2 Fight off the opponents that you enrespond to as soon as you enter the level, you deserve to view a horn authorize behind them. 

Tip 3Once the adversaries are defeated, you deserve to blow the horn by the hut by pushing B on Xbox, circle on PlayStation, and A on Switch. Hawkster will arise from the hut and will currently be among your usable pets. His capacity is that he assaults opponents that are knocked dvery own and also retrieving food upon the fatality of an foe.

Step 2The glitch occurs about halfmeans through the level, by the river. You understand you’re there as soon as you see the 2 stone pillars are defeating a fill of thieves. Some more thieves will spawn below and the best way to carry out this is by bringing all of the opponents to the corner except for one and killing them. You desire to make certain you’re dealing damages to all but one. 

Step 3If they start to separate simply try to keep track of who you’ve damaged and also only go for them until you have actually one left that hasn’t been damaged. Step 4Force the staying thief onto the reduced platdevelop. Tip 5Push him right into the reduced right corner. Step 6Now for the move combo! Press A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, or B on Switch to jump. While in the air you desire to percreate a light assault using X on Xbox, square on PlayStation, or Y on Switch. Then while he’s down, you want to simply walk on optimal of him (don’t run) and press Y on Xbox, triangle on PlayStation, or X on Switch while he’s on the ground. 

Step 7This mini combo will certainly make Hawkster begin to assault the thief for 1-5 damage but having actually the foe in the corner will certainly gain both of them stuck and nearly infinitely deal 1-5 damage. 
So that’s exactly how you perdevelop the Castle Crashers XP glitch! It’s roughly worked out that depending on your level when you begin the glitch, it must take 9-12 hours to level up the character to level 99. It might be a great idea to have this going overnight! Why not examine out our various other guides HERE!And you can follow us on Twitter and also Facebook to keep as much as day on every little thing Gaming Exploits!

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