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The Pirates" Cove is a little island located in the Lunar Sea phibìc of the Fremennik Province. The is the current docking location of the Lady Zay, a massive pirate vessel known for the unlawful activity in the region.
he Pirates" Cove can be accessed only by boat. Players might reach the island one of two people by speaking to Lokar Searunner in Rellekka or by talk to Captain Bentley top top Lunar Isle, noted they have actually reached a details point in Lunar Diplomacy. There is no fee either way.
The moss giants are aggressive to football player level 96 and also under. The nearest full banking facilities can be uncovered on the Moon Clan negotiation on Lunar Isle.


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Island Information:

he Cove"s major attraction is its big moss huge population. The moss giants that wander the island are level 48, as opposed to your much an ext common level 42 counterparts. The moss giants room aggressive to football player level 96 and under. The nearest full banking facilities deserve to be discovered on the Moon Clan settlement on Lunar Isle.In enhancement to Moss Giants, a number of attackable pirates deserve to be discovered wandering the island. Two of these room standard level 23 pirates. In addition, three named pirates - Jake, Palmer, and Wilson - can also be uncovered on the island. Each is level 37. These pirates can be dealt with if desired, yet generally are not popular amongst players. A number of other facilities deserve to be uncovered aboard the Lady Zay itself, including a selection and several barrels containing potentially valuable items such as swamp tar and also cooking apples. Football player can access the Zay by ascending via ladder come the height of the dock top top the island"s south-eastern side, one of two people from the little islet on i m sorry Lokar docks his rowboat or the island itself.

Personalities Found:

"Beady-eye" Jones Bedread the interlocutor "Beefy" Burns "Betty" B.Boppin "Bird"s-Eye" Jack Cabin boy Captain Bentley "Eagle-eye" Shultz an initial mate "Davey-boy" Jack Sails Jenny blade "Lecherous" Lee Lokar Searunner Murky pat "Piccaron" Pete "Sticky" Sanders Tommy 2-times

Monsters Found:

Moss huge (Level 48) Jake (Level 37)Palmer (Level 37)Wilson (Level 37)Pirate (Level 23)

This Map was created by Alk12, DRAVAN, and also Carduel. Many thanks to Fireball0236, Maonzhi, LogGamer, and Andro_Girl. for corrections.This Map was gotten in into the database ~ above Sun, Dec 24, 2006, at 07:58:14 to be by Alk12, and also it was last to update on Sat, Nov 28, 2015, in ~ 04:33:44 afternoon by DRAVAN.