FNaF world created by Scott Cawthon.

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Upon defeating Porkpatch you’ll obtain a Key. The crucial allows girlfriend to open doors. Logically! now you simply need to uncover the doors. They’re spread throughout Animatronica, and also will need a fair little bit of backtracking and exploration to locate. Be prepared to walk through most of the game again to uncover ‘em all.
The very first lock is in the northeast the Fazbear Hills, just outside town.The 2nd lock is in the southwest edge of Dusting Fields. You’ll require to challenge a boss to acquire through here.
Snowcone renders an appearance in FNaF World.Chill out. Or... Something. (I"m tired.)

Looks prefer Bouncer, isn’t. Snowcone has assault power almost comparable come Porkpatch, and can easily dispatch her team v normal attacks and also Snowball if you don’t debuff him. Jumpscare is an especially dangerous here, stalling you and also giving Snowcone a chance to death one or 2 members of her team. Swap the end for your second team whenever the first gets stunned, armour up, and also use powerful, attack Bytes - such as the ever-awesome BossDrain Bytes - to lug Snowcone low. If you’re really ominous he’ll start using Esc key to insta-kill multiple characters, but this doesn’t happen really often.
The fourth lock is in the much northeast of Lilygear Lake. That is, that course, guarded by an invisible enemy.
He"s not just a goon. He"s a Supergoon.

Harsh. This thing can hit because that upwards that 500 points of damage, i beg your pardon is probably enough to kill a character in a single hit. That will also summon hot Cheese to chew away at her team’s health. Throw up buffs and also debuffs, and let BossDrain Bytes sap that health. More than likely the physically strongest ceo you’ve battled so far, however if you can delay it a little bit - debuffs and Jumpscare work-related nicely - it’s no that bad.
The 5th lock is in Deep-Metal Mine. Head east from the entrance and explore come the northeast to uncover the lock. The button past looks unguarded, but…
Overclock, from FNaF World.Nasty, nasty, nasty.

This battle is awful. Overclock doesn’t hit really hard, considering the size, however it provides Unscrew. All. The. TIME. ARGH. It’s also really fast, and can decimate your team in an awful hurry even with its physics strikes. Healing away its normal assaults is okay, however you’re much better off walking on an immediate offensive with all characters and doing what you deserve to to decimate the bastard’s wellness in a hurry. Debuffs are important for slowing it under a touch and also making the attacks more manageable, Jumpscare is handy because that stunning Overclock, and the BossDrain Bytes will certainly make the damaging procedure much easier. Gift boxes is constantly useful, so long as the gift-giver isn"t murdered horribly.In seeks to the locks in-depth above, there"s a sixth, secretlock, covert in darkness. You"ll discover it in mysterious Mine, via the Lilygear Lake enntrance gate in the far north the the people map. Head southwest through the Mine till you"re plunged into darkness, then walk north, pushing along the leaf of the map. There"s a small, surprise chamber in below that leads to a hidden boss.
Chipper. He"s back. And also he"s pissed.
Chipper"s Revenge
Yikes.Chipper"s Revenge is perhaps the most versatile ceo in the game, in spite of how the starts out. Generally Chipper offers a physical assault that will decimate anyone he hits (5,000 + point out of damage, anybody?), but as the hit wears on he"ll start throwing in a bunch of various other attacks: toxic Bite, fourth Wall, Waterhose, Esc Key... Every are rather painful, and every one of them target your whole crewrather than simply one character. Chipper also has a man amount that health, more, ns think, 보다 anything else in FNaF World.
Because Chipper hits so difficult there"s no much suggest trying come heal her characters, for this reason it"s far better to go whole-hog and also use Gift boxes every time it comes up. One character through Mimic Ball energetic maybe may be to manage this workload, yet two is as whole safer. Your other two characters can either focus on debuffing Chipper or simply knocking the crap the end of him, yet I suggest that at leastone of them must use Jumpscare to shock him because that a couple of seconds, earning you much more of a reprieve to heal your dudes through Gift Boxes. Coupling Jumpscare through Mimic sphere will roughly twin the lot of time you have to work hassle-free.
As for damage? Bytes. Glorious Bytes. Allow the BossDrain and also UFO Bytes do most of the work. The pan can additionally contribute a fair amount that pain, presume you"ve recruited every one of the animatronics.
This is perhapsthe hardest boss in the game, and I recommend acquisition on the last boss of hard Mode prior to trying to handle Chipper"s Revenge. The tactics said here are quite similar, yet are slightly less taxing in the fight due to the fact that the final boss doesn"t have as lot health. The said, beating Chipper"s Revenge willearn girlfriend an ending, for this reason in a feeling he isthe final boss! Yay!
- sufficient secrecy. That’s all of the locks. Friend now have one critical destination, and that"s Pinwheel Circus. Head ago there via Jump and you’ll discover that the glowing gates near the Lolbit’s Byte Store have vanished. A ceo waits beyond.
Security, the possiblefinal boss of FNaF World.Nasty owl is nasty.

This boss is both easy and ridiculous. Defense is solid enough the it typically destroys personalities in a solitary hit. What’s more, it has a a multiple-hitting orb assault called Alarm the does 9,999 damages to five characters, and will pretty much wipe her party. Great. That said, protection is niiiiiice and sloooooow, providing you lots of time to collection up.
Debuff and Jumpscare defense to hold-up its turns as much as possible, climate deploy an animatronic through the relocate Neon wall (Endo 02 or Endoplush) and use the wall surface to block the apocalyptic orb attack. Re-cast wall as necessary. For safety and security purposes, girlfriend should most likely put your Endo in the inactive team, and deploy that only as soon as Neon wall surface goes down. This will save it from Security’s other attacks, which ignore Neon wall surface completely. (You can likewise just usage both Endos - just make certain they’re in separate teams.) The BossDrain Bytes will certainly make chewing far Security’s wellness much easier, though even with all three deployed it will certainly take a while.
RXQ is one absolutely amazing animatronic to bring along, if you"re having trouble, together he have the right to use Gift Boxes to revive dead characters and also Mimic round to just normally copy every little thing everyone else is doing. Good way to store Neon wall fresh. If girlfriend don"t have actually him, wander approximately Circus Funhouse for a while.
- Upon beating Security you’ll gain access to the tent. If friend go v on common your video game will concerned an abrupt end. If you’re play on tough Mode, however…
Scott Cawthon, supreme overlord.You understand you"ve wanted a item of the avatar.

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Yes, it’s him. If you know his games, you know it’s him.Cawthon is a brutal opponent. He has actually three attacks: a normal, physical attack which will more than likely kill a character, fourth Wall, i m sorry hits anyone for end 600 clues of damages (usually one insta-kill), and also Alarm, which is the same to the attack used by Security, albeit hitting only three times rather of five. He"s nice fast, so these moves come zipping in at you at great speeds. Prepare you yourself for a unstable time.Cawthon doesn"t have actually ridiculousamounts of health and wellness - though, admittedly, you can"t check out his health bar - but he have the right to kill friend so quickly that his health nearly doesn"t matter. It"s much easier to make it through this battle by focusing on your own health. Placed two personalities in your party through Gift Boxes and also have lock spam the relocate constantly. (If you don"t have actually the Auto: Mimic Chip in play, RXQ"s Mimic ball will add another layer of Gift Boxes each time you use the move, to add it has Gift box itself.) one of the Endos must throw increase Neon wall to attend to Alarm while your 4th member have the right to either attack or debuff Cawthon. The bulk of your damages will probably come from her Bytes, that which ns recommend the peak two BossDrains and also the peak two UFOs. In ~ that point it"s simply a waiting video game until the goes down.(As some world in the comments suggest out, it"s also feasible to kill Cawthon through auto-kill strikes like Unscrew. The chances of one sticking appear to it is in reallylow, though - it take it me five minutes the Unscrews and also Bytes to take him down. Still, it"s an option.)
Be warned! If you lose to 4th Wall you’ll be shot ago to Fazbear Hills, together usual. Problem is, you’ll have to fight security again to re-access the last boss. It’s a great way to develop experience and also Tokens, yet Security takes long sufficient for this to be a nuisance.Part Nine: Update2