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The Arc is a region within the Wushanko Isles, in the Archipelago Sea. These areas are also visited through the pearls in her Player-Owned Ports as well.Uncharted island are got to by travel with gives to get resources that space not ~ above the main islands. See Directions for an ext details on how to accessibility them.

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To reach The Arc girlfriend will must travel to harbor Sarim, walk east of the Player-Owned ports portal, speak come Quartermaster Gully, and also choose to take trip to an uncharted isle.You must have actually at least 5 offers to trip to an unclaimed island. To achieve Supplies, speak to Rosie to purchase some. Friend can obtain 5 cost-free Supplies daily from the crate located next to her. Note that the complimentary supplies will stack up to 10 work (50 supplies) worth and also that you have the right to only have actually up to 1,000 supplies total.
Armoured zombieCrassian scoutCrassian warriorDeath Lotus rogue
Eastern SoldierFlying jellyfishGu roninOrnate Tortles
ScorpionSeasinger priestessSkeletonSkulls mercenary
Tormented SoulsTortlesZombies

Claiming IslandsIsland Nodes

Genaeral Information

Uncharted isles have the right to contain any type of resources available in the Arc, v varying rarities.

Long Voyage: large islands with 2-3 rare resources (20 supplies)Median Expedition: Medium-sized islands with 1-2 rare sources (12 Supplies)Short Junket: little isles with 0-1 rare sources (5 supplies)Claimed Island: return to your asserted island (3 supplies)

Claiming Islands

As you will notice, no uncharted island is the very same as another. Some will offer a an excellent variety of resources you desire while rather you may find lacking. If you uncover a particularly great island, you can case it. This is done by placing a Flag, purchased indigenous Boni, on any uncharted isle friend visit. If you claim an Uncharted isle, the assorted other items she sells deserve to be included to it. Island resources will resupply at daily reset.

Note: friend will need to complete Flag Fall prior to you can claim islands.

Visiting Friends" Islands

As that November 2018, that is possible to visit her friends" declared islands. These have the right to be accessed via Quartermaster Gully just at harbor Sarim and also choosing the "Island settings" option. Friend can additionally toggle your Island setups with this option and also choose to permit everyone come visit your Island, girlfriend only, or no one.

Note that you can not visit a friend"s island if they space not top top (or have actually their setup to "no one") nor can you collect any resources, prey chests, or choose up items that have washed ashore if there. Friend can, however, catch any kind of birds and/or implings top top the island. If friend log the end while ~ above a friend"s island, girlfriend will uncover yourself in Waiko as soon as you log back in.

Island Nodes

In addition to the typical Arc items, girlfriend can uncover various special sources on uncharted island that are not available on the main islands. These incorporate Wobbegong, Ornate Tortles, Alaea Crablets, golden bamboo, Sea shells, and also Driftwood, as well as various Arc monsters. Together you room collecting countless of this resources, friend may notice a bar above the node you room collecting from. This indicates about how lot of that resource can quiet be collected from it.

Below you will certainly find short descriptions the all resources that can be discovered on Uncharted Islands.


Shown listed below is a Wobbegong spawn; these sharks need 96 Fishing to catch. This will additionally show a fishing icon on her mini-map, for this reason you do not miss it when wandering your isle. After friend have collected 100 Wobbegong, this source will deplete.



Bamboo calls for 90 Woodcutting to chop. The will offer 100 Bamboo prior to depleting. 5 of these can be fletched into Bundles the Bamboo through 96 Fletching.


Golden bamboo

Golden bamboo calls for 96 Woodcutting to chop. That will give 100 golden bamboo before depleting. 2 of these have the right to be fletched right into Bundles of Bamboo v 96 Fletching.


Salty Crablets

Salty crablets generate in groups of six. Once you begin mining a crablet, the will start an interior timer of 5 minutes. ~ this time has elapsed, you will certainly no longer have the ability to gain Sea salt from the individual crablet.


Alaea Crablets

Alaea crablets generate in teams of five and require 97 Mining to harvest. The is possible to gain up to 40 Alaea sea salt from each individual crablet. Girlfriend will likewise see a mining symbol on your mini-map if these are on your island.


Idol Crablets

Idol crablets generate in place of a single crablet in various other spawns of braided or Alaea crablets. As soon as you begin mining this crablet, you will gain a single golden idol from it. Be sure to counting your groups of crablets. Together both generate in details numbers, if you have an extra, one will certainly be an Idol crablet.



Tortles can occasionally spawn in huge groups. Girlfriend will require a Tortle catch to record these; several deserve to be placed relying on your Hunter level. You can record up to 200-220 tortles before the source will be depleted. Capturing these awards shell chippings which can be crafted right into Tortle covering bowls in ~ 91 Crafting.


Ornate Tortles

Ornate tortles also spawn in huge groups and also require Tortle catch to catch. Unlike regular tortles, these ones require 96 Hunter to catch. Come You can catch up come 200-220 tortles before the source will be depleted. Capturing these awards Shiny shell chippings which have the right to be crafted into Shiny tortle covering bowls in ~ 92 Crafting.


Exuberry Bushes

Exuberry bushes call for 84 farming to harvest. Harvesting this bushes will earn you Exuberrys and Exuberry seeds.


Mushroom Logs

Logs covered with mushrooms call for 94 agriculture to harvest. ~ 100 various mushrooms have been harvested, the cluster will certainly be depleted. Be conscious that you have the right to occasionally it is in pricked by a mandrel while harvesting. This will damage you slightly and cause girlfriend to prevent harvesting. Mushrooms include:

Arc puffballBlushroomHoneyfungusInky cap

Dead Moai

Dead Moai act together stationary Divination ability plots. They require 95 Divination to harvest; this level can be boosted. After 300 genealogical energy has been harvested, this resource will it is in depleted.



Occasionally Orokami deserve to be discovered floating approximately Uncharted Isles. Recording them calls for 95 Hunter and also will reward you with items details to the type of Orokami you captured. Note that lock can also be recorded in jars and also sold come Sensei Seaworth. ~ discovering/catching 1 of each kind, he will certainly reward you for her efforts. Watch your Arc newspaper to know what persons you are missing. Orokami include:


Contract Based Items

If you have received a contract indigenous Sojobo, that is feasible for among the adhering to things to appear depending upon her contract.

Braziers - lit through DriftwoodHerb burners - lit v Grimy herbs (herbs can be uncovered elsewhere ~ above the island)Nests - ar eggs to hatch (eggs can be discovered elsewhere on the island)Ritual one - sacrifice kelp below (kelp deserve to be found elsewhere ~ above the island)Safes - cracked and openedSummoning gongs - might be struckWooden tortems - require repair

Washed Ashore Items

There are rather a couple of of items that appear on uncharted isles. Together they room not guaranteed on any island, they space not reputable to farm. Note that these items will certainly disappear if friend log the end or lobby when on one island, for this reason be certain to achieve them very first if you want them.

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Alaea sea saltBambooBandana and also eyepatch (blue)Bandana and also eyepatch (brown)
Bandana and also eyepatch (red)Big bonesBlack pearlBones
BucketBundle the bambooCasketChimes
CoconutDriftwoodFish oilGolden bamboo
Long boneMedium XP lampOysterPapaya fruit
Raw seerfishRaw sillagoRaw tarponRaw wobbegong
Sea saltSeaweedSea shellsShell chippings
Shiny covering chippingsSilverhawk downSliced mushroomSoft clay
Spirit dragon charmTaijituWobbegong oilWushanko fishing bait

In addition to these items possibly scattered around the island, friend may also discover a chest has washed ashore. These have the right to be opened to attain 1-7 Taijitu and also a possibility at Stoneberry and also Stormberry seeds.