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. Following along are instructions in the video below: ” s up guys. When is signal be here for troubleshoots and today. I ve got got an interesting video for you if you play games. And you want yourself to an invisible name now note.

It s not actually invisible. Most games are just unable to render these characters such as dota 2. Counterstrike global offensive and probably a vast list of other games as well sometimes they ll completely skip the character and leave it blank much like csgo in this example. Here same with dota or sometimes it ll appear as a square like it does here.

So this is my steam profile and you can see that those two squares here usually it ll just be one or two characters..

But in this case. It is two characters they re both the same but putting to them just works not exactly sure why but i ve seen people do it this way and it s probably quite easy to do it a lot of other ways as well so say you come across characters like this and you see someone with an invisible name of course. If you want to copy them they ll be in the description down below. What you do to find out exactly.

What characters they are is head across to a website similar to this one here pebble stone code at uk unicode. What is what you would do is you d copy the characters in question go to a similar website to this paste them in identify. And you ll see exactly what characters these are so these are unicode. Ten thousand and eighty three the linear b.


Be 105 ecwid. So obviously i have no clue. What that is set across to google and search for it then we ll head across to say wikipedia. And you can see that it is in fact.

A unicode representation of a horse head for whatever reason or if this is even a horse sure anyways. This is what the character is now i m pretty sure just because the offset is so high it s unicode to ten thousand and eighty three you could probably do this with ten thousand and eighty seven for example. And it will be exactly the same because windows or usually the games. Just don t know how to show this character.

Because it s not built into whatever font..

They re using so that s why you sometimes get invisible names or it names. The pop up is just dots or other rendering issues. They re not actually non existent. They re just characters that most games are not able to represent properly some if you re wondering how to type these out.

I have a literally zero clear. I don t think there is an old four characters this high they just exist in unicode. Which is a broad collection of i think every character anyways what you just need to do is find one of these characters copy it and then paste it i can do this simply by copying the ones in the description down below editing your profile name as usual from the steam client and just pasting them in here. Hitting confirm you ll see that they change on your friends list and you become just a bunch of squares obviously.

I m gonna go and edit it back to my normal name..

But that is how you get yourself invisible characters. So there will be in the description down below as well as the link to this page here in case youtube. Doesn t let you copy them exactly you can simply go to this link in the description down below compete comm and copy it from either here or here anyways. Thank you guys for watching means takin over here for troubleshoots and i ll see you guys next ” .


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