Have you to be wondering how come hydro dip? We have a very simple but funny tutorial therefore you can learn all about hydro dipping. Skip the hydro emboldened kits and also make this conveniently at home for gorgeous hydro dipped items.

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Learning just how to hydro dive is for this reason fun!

We have actually been listening a lot around hydro dipping lately so I want to learn precisely how come hydro dip. It yes, really is at sight easy and a nice cool procedure with a fabulous outcome.

Keep reading to see exactly how easy this is and also be prepared for a many fun! You room going come love these gorgeous hydro dipped items.

We go a water bottle and phone case. So cool!

Check the end this video clip on just how to hydro dip!


What is hydro dipping?

Hydro dipping is the procedure of water deliver printing. That is merely using paint and water immersion to develop a cool water marbling technique on items.

It sounds an intricate but it actually very simple.

What have the right to you hydro dip?

The possibilities room really endless. Some concepts include: water bottle, cell phone case, shoes, baseball bat, helmet, tumblers and more!

How do you hydro dip:

In a few simple steps, girlfriend can quickly turn plain items into something fabulous. Keep reading to see how easy the is!

Do I need to buy among the hydro dive kits?

No, that is not vital to buy a hydro emboldened kit. We have noted all the the products that friend will need below and detailed instructions.

There really isn’t any need because that a kit. Plus, to buy the individual items will permit you come make an ext items for much less money. The kits deserve to be pricey and also usually only come v a small amount the supplies.


Let’s learn how to hydro dip!


Supplies essential for hydro dipping:

Water3D item the you want to emboldened – We offered a water bottle and also cell phone call cases.

Check the end this video to learn how to hydro dip!

How to hydro dip:

Step 1: Mask off any type of areas on your 3D item the you perform not want painted v the masking tape. The whole item will be dipped for this reason make sure any component of the item the you execute not want extended in repaint is masking off through the tape.

Step 2: paint your 3D item the you plan to hydro dip v a inside wall of your choice. We supplied a white spray repaint primer on our items. We supplied 2 coats to make sure that it’s fully covered. Permit this paint to dry totally (probably will take 2-3 hours).

Step 3: In a large plastic bin or bucket, fill 3/4 the the means to the peak with warm water. We provided plastic bins that we discovered at the our neighborhood dollar store. Friend will desire to ensure the your bin is wide enough to organize the item the you will certainly be dipping.

Step 4:Choose the colour of the spray paint that you desire for your item. Spray the repaint on the top of the water and also use a stick to gradually swirl the colors together to gain the design that you prefer.

You can additionally spray many areas and use the different colors to acquire the marbled influence that friend like.

Step 5: climate dip her item gradually into the water and also paint mixture. We decided the area we liked based on the design on height of the water in the area.

You will desire to completely dip the item right into the water very slowly and then pull it right up so the does no get extr paint on when it’s removed. Allow the items to totally dry.

Step 6: Then apply a optimal coat come seal the paint onto the item. Also enable this coat to dried completely.

Now girlfriend know exactly how to hydro dip through spray paint!

Make this quickly at residence with these simple DIY instructions. For this reason fun!

Share through your friends just how to hydro dive tumblers.

How to hydro dip without spray paint:

If you perform not desire to use spray paint, use a hydro emboldened kit instead. This is an different method.

How come hydro dip shoes:

The principle is the exact same for hydro dipping shoes. Simply be careful to ice off any logos, one-of-a-kind markings and the insoles.

How to hydro dive a gun:

If you setup to emboldened a gun, i would imply practicing ~ above something simple first. Get the hang of the actual process prior to making use of such an expensive item.

Just through the various other items, that is also important come tape off anything on the gun that you perform want tape on.

How to hydro dip with acrylic paint:

The procedure is the same. Acrylic paint method tends to work great on canvas form items to do portraits and such.

We have so much fun through DIY projects!

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Try these other easy diy ideas:

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Marla claims

July 12, 2020 in ~ 9:06 am

Can I put letter sticker labels on the dipping item and also before height coat peal the off?


Sheila Parks states

July 15, 2020 in ~ 10:40 pm

Can girlfriend hydro emboldened glass jars?

and what carry out you use as a height coat?


Robin claims

September 16, 2020 in ~ 9:50 pm

Can you use the squeeze out form paint prefer Apple barn rather of spray paint? and also I bought some water party on clearance that space a dull fancy finish. Must I element them anyway?



October 6, 2020 in ~ 2:41 pm

I love how an easy you make the hydro dip look. My only question is, if girlfriend did the entirety bottle in the paint, the bottom that the party is additionally marbled, correct? just how do you let it dry without the bottom not acquiring messed up?


Shawnee Bell claims

October 8, 2020 at 9:34 am

Can you perform socks or shirts


Linda says

December 15, 2020 in ~ 4:23 am

This is fabulous! execute you think it’s for sure to make a candle in a hydro dipped glass jug after that dries? i think the alcohol in the spray paint would dissipate ~ drying??? thank you for teaching me. Ns gonna try to make part forChristmas gifts.


Dani says

January 1, 2021 at 8:31 pm

So i tried. But I don’t understand where i went wrong! the seems really rough. Ns don’t know if my water wasn’t hot sufficient or if I supplied the not correct spray paint, but something no right. Ns am letting that dry now so ns haven’t made it to the clear coat component yet.

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Karen together Schneder says

June 14, 2021 at 6:18 pm

I think this is a wonderful job i paint bottles and make bird feeders. I cant wait to shot this give thanks to you.


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