Installing mods for farming simulator is really simple and that is exact same for every version. First of every you need to download mods for correct version of agriculture simulator.

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Be careful with this. If you have actually farming simulator 2015 you obviously need mods for farming simulator 2015. Mods for older versions doesn’t job-related with new one.Mods can be found like .exe (auto install) or .zip files (copy+paste).

If your mod you just downloaded is .zip file (you don’t need to unzip), discover this path:

users/yourname/documents/my games/farming simulator 2015/mods/Just copy mod .zip file to your farming simulator 2015 mode folder. That’s it! You’ve just mounted your very first mod. Go in game and purchase it from in-game store. Have a quite play!


I i do not know seem come download any type of of these just keeps speak it will be all set in 10 seconds??? anyone help??

7 year ago

My version of farming simulator 2015 walk not have actually a mode folder. I tried developing a mods folder but when I add a mod to this created folder the mode does not show up. It to be a mod made for 2015. Claus Lexicon. Any ideas. Thanks!

6 year ago

My version of FS15 walk not have actually a mode folder. Tried creating one yet it does no work. Perform you have any type of suggestions. Thanks Robert

6 year ago

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