There space things in life the we have the right to enjoy only when we room kids, yet jumping top top a trampoline isn"t among them.

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Can anyone yes, really say that they don’t enjoy doing tip on a trampoline? simply jumping up and down is enough to lug a laugh to anyone"s face, no matter how old they are. Part things merely never change.

One cheat that’s specifically fun to do is the double bounce trampoline trick. In instance you can not use heard that it, this trick calls for multiple jumpers.

In this article, we will teach you just how to perform the twin bounce, and we’ll additionally introduce you to dual bounce trampoline physics. However don’t worry, you won’t need to memorize the technological stuff in stimulate to have actually fun!

Trampoline double Bounce 101
How a double bounce on a trampoline works
How to execute a dual bounce ~ above a trampoline
How to dual bounce you yourself on a trampoline
Step #1: position yourself top top the trampoline
Step #2: place the other human being on the trampoline
Step #3: begin jumping
How to dual bounce who on a trampoline
Step #1: place yourself near the sheet of the trampoline
Step #2: Wait until the time is right
Try out some tricks when you twin bounce
Front flips
Tuck jumps
Double bounce trampoline injuries
Highest trampoline dual bounce
Final thoughts

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How a twin bounce on a trampoline works

To put it simply, dual bouncing is the usage of a trampoline by at least two human being at the very same time. Ultimately, the action of one bouncer will impact the fag of the others. By double bouncing, you have the right to jump much higher than you would if you were bouncing on your own.

Basically, you use the weight of two or an ext people come avert the mat of the trampoline downward and also store more energy in the trampoline springs.

Now the we’ve obtained the technical stuff the end of the way, let’s see just how the double bounce trick is yes, really done.

How to execute a twin bounce on a trampoline

Let’s to speak you"re performing the dual bounce v two bouncers. The first one will certainly be bouncer A and the 2nd will it is in bouncer B.

Bouncer A is located in the center of the trampoline and also should begin bouncing. Bouncer B is situated near the edge of the trampoline and also should be standing still.

After a while, bouncer B demands to start jumping as well. Now, the tricky part is the timing.

Basically, bouncer A needs to fight the trampoline so it stretches towards the ground. At the moment, bouncer B needs to start jumping. So, human B is in reality catapulting human A higher and higher with every time jump.

If you nothing time your bounces correctly, over there won’t be a twin bounce effect. Furthermore, person A will certainly bounce less and also less, and it will certainly feel prefer their bounce is being “stolen” or “absorbed” through the various other bouncer. Who said physics wasn’t interesting? additionally check our just how to make your trampoline bouncier write-up to improve your twin bounce.

How to dual bounce you yourself on a trampoline


Front flips are basic to do, and you don’t have to be an experienced bouncer in bespeak to perform them. Shot out a couple of flips on her own, simply to heat up, and then perform a few twin bounces before adding in some front flips.

Tuck jumps


This trick is comparable to a trust fall. In bespeak to do a backdrop, every you have to do is autumn straight ago onto the trampoline ~ the twin bounce.

Double bounce trampoline injuries


Trampoline tricks room fun come do, and the dual bounce is most likely one of the most renowned ones out there. However, you must be cautious when law this trick, together there is a high threat of injury.

Don’t immediately start adding other tricks come the twin bounce, at least not until you’ve practiced twin bouncing because that a while.

Furthermore, it’s vital to do a few solo bounces prior to diving into the twin bounce.

Since twin bouncing can put incredible pressure on your spine and also knees, make sure to carry out a few warm-up jumps. If you’re not careful, you’ll experience serious back injuries.

Yet one more thing you must be mindful of is her positioning. Make certain that all of the participants are standing as far from each other as possible, or rather you might crash into each other.

Highest trampoline double bounce

Believe it or not, the greatest trampoline double bounce is 22 ft 1 in! the was accomplished by jumper Sean Kennedy and also his 2 brothers Eric and T.J.

The three brothers are part of a trampolining team aptly dubbed “Flippen Out”. Castle perform almost everywhere the world, largely at sporting events.

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Final thoughts

The suggest of twin bouncing is to get the human that’s jumping in the middle to bounce as high together possible. Ultimately, you can perform this trick through two or much more people.