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A Wounding auto weapon is nice mandatory to deal with Warlords in FO4 there is no spending fifty percent an hour and your whole ammo stock. I hate them v passion


They're literally cartridge sponges in most games, therefore I favor to use a minigun so it doesn't take it an eternity. If I'm not transferring one, sniper rifles so I deserve to keep them at a distance.



Automatics, big or small, are always the answer. A adequate volume that fire have the right to settle anything. One merely cannot have too lot dakka.


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New las vegas tri-beam laser rifle, multi-plasma rifle 4 plasma rifle

76 handmade rifle automatically or semi automatic 3:

Eugene, Vengeance, Gauss Rifle native Operation: Anchorage (for the knockdown on Overlords) and the Lincoln's Repeater all work an extremely well against Super Mutants. Therefore too, carry out the Reservist's and Victory Rifle (Snipers). Steel Blaster indigenous The Pitt is good for everything, acquiring sneak criticals deserve to really help get the health pools down through the ideal hard-hitting weapon. brand-new Vegas:

It's very much the very same advice for brand-new Vegas, as the mechanics that the game and the approaches I use are near-identical. Instead, I will list some great weapons for culling those pesky psychotic at sight Mutants:

CZ57 Avenger, YCS/186 Gauss Rifle, Multiplas Plasma Rifle+, Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (GRA)+, Anti-Materiel Rifle (GRA)+, 25mm Grenade APW (GRA)+, Esther, Annabelle, Red Glare, FIDO or K9000 Cyberdog Gun, LAER+/Elijah's LAER+, Holorifle, Sprtel-Wood 9700 (GRA), Mercy, Gatling Laser+, Ranger Sequoia and also Medicine stick (GRA).

Plasma Spaz, Laser Commander and Cowboy are the perks ns use when utilising these weapons, including all ranks of Demolition Expert and also Splash Damage. 4:

Power Armour and a mix of hefty Weapons and also hard-hitting Laser/Plasma weapons. Very much the typical Brotherhood/Enclave style of confrontation. Super Mutants room no match for an owner that the Explosive Minigun through a healthy and balanced supply the 5mm ammunition. Super Mutants are additionally no enhance for the right Plasma Rifle (sniping through the Sentinel's Plasmacaster is brilliant), it doesn't issue if the is configured together a Sniper or a Marksman Rifle. I try not to use automatic rifles against the higher level enemies, however I execute use Gatling Lasers and Miniguns versus them. I always shoot the mini-nuke arms of Suiciders. A shotgun choose Le Fusil Terribles deserve to be very effective when fully upgraded against Super Mutants, through an included Bayonet because that those melee fighters so you have the right to stagger them before you to fill them full of lead once they gain too close.