at any time I"ve cook quiche, it"s been in a round tin of around 10-12 centimeter diameter. I"ve used 5-6 eggs together with other ingredients favor chicken and also vegetables.

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After it comes the end of the oven, I discover that the elevation is low (around 2cm) when I thought/expected the to it is in higher.

I find it hard to know when it"s actually "cooked" together the egg components are runny as soon as it"s in the oven, just solidifying when I take it it out.

How have the right to I tell the the quiche is done?



Inferring that the question is, "How perform I tell as soon as the quiche is done?" The prize is to examine the interior temperature, which need to be in between 165°F(74°C) and also 185°F(85°C).


Stick a knife straight in the center from over and once it comes the end clean ( no uncooked egg mixture, very small amount the oil or clear fluid ok) it"s done. Additionally 165-185F internal temp additionally measured straight in the center.


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