The funny of Blade and Soul starts right from when you hop into the game. There is simply so much to do and also interact and also leveling up in Blade and Soul is most likely the finest when us compare it to games from the comparable genre. Considering how much the video game has to market to the players, imagine what wonders the end game content hides.

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Blade and Soul Leveling Guide

However, together you destruction deep right into Blade and Soul, you release that the more your level, much more you acquire the benefits. This is why, death Ping today, has gathered because that you a quick guide to conveniently take you v the leveling the Blade and also Soul. So, below we go;

Starting Levels

This Blade and also Soul guide will take it you best from when you begin playing the game. The initial level in Blade and also Soul have the right to be achieved easily by completing some simple tasks. As soon as you reach level 9 you will acquire to hit the zombie boss. A great way to kill him fast is by crucial attacks that will let you take the man down in a reasonably shorter time.


Next prevent would be dungeons. Enter the scorpion dungeon whereby you deserve to kill 50 bosses at a time. Killing them all will provide you a 500 XP boost since each scorpion provides approximately 10 XP. This will let you pass the Level 17 mark.


Mid Levels

Once you reach level 20, the finest thing you deserve to do together with completing pursuits is to challenge the polluted cave. You deserve to get practically 5000 XP indigenous that. The polluted cavern can be excellent every 10 minute so be sure to spam the as much as girlfriend can. Doing this will get you till Level 27 and also after two an ext levels friend Kongou will open up because that you.


Beating up Kongou together with the regular quests will offer you the appropriate XP to with level 36. However, right now we would certainly recommend friend to avoid dungeons because they apparently won’t do you any good now. You have the right to instead head over to the ease cave for some quick XP boost.

End Levels

Now the Blade and also Soul overview will take it you to the finishing levels. If you space doing your searches right it won’t be any type of issue for you to reach level 42. This is as soon as you will certainly be eligible to head end to the sky Temple. You can likewise ignore that component and rather goto the Misty forest for the royal base that can get you some an elaborate stuff for her character. Girlfriend can also earn an ext rewards by playing the spider cave. However, store in mind the spider cavern would be difficult for girlfriend to complete if friend don’t have the required an abilities to do that.


This would certainly be sufficient for you to reach Level 45. The road for over there would further take you to greater levels. Due to the fact that there are countless things to cover at that point we recommend you to set your goal and also reach Level 45 first. Meanwhile, we would be functioning on the next overview to help you reach the preferably level.


Additional Blade and Soul Tips

We have actually gathered part points indigenous the Blade and also Soul guide that you should remember when leveling. Below they are;

 In the early stage levels, it is crucial to complete all the an easy quests together they will carry out drop stones which can be provided in Wheel that Fortune.Side searches will drop unique rewards that will certainly provide an ext experience and also strength in battles.Kill as plenty of mobs as you can. This is due to the fact that mobs will provide you the extra endure that girlfriend cannot obtain through the usual quests. Furthermore, making use of Dragon Soup while grinding mobs will offer an extra XP rise as well.While dealing with mobs, that is advised that you do this in a partyUpgrade her weapon through the passage of time. Leveling increase alone i will not ~ be valuable if you room playing with a wooden sword.

Earning yellow while Leveling Up

Leveling increase is likewise the perfect time because that you to gather up sufficient assets the will help in obtaining you an ext gold. A an excellent way to carry out this is by having actually the ideal professions. In the early on leveling phase, pottery materials would be essential for the Windstride quest. Additional on, players would then need refiners and bowls for development stones. Shield crafts are likewise popular since they can be provided for fusing. This snapshot will give you a far better idea.


A same amount of yellow can likewise be gathered via dungeons. A full of six high-level dungeons can be repetitive for gold and materials that you can sell afterward. Talking about selling, Auction residence is likewise a an excellent venue to earn some gold. Simply keep one eye on the supply and demand of items on the AH and also sell the products if you have actually them. Friend can also gather rare items and wait for the best time to offer it based end the demand. This, however, is a little time consuming and you need to pay fist to changes and also updates i beg your pardon can impact the demand and also supply in the Blade and also Soul economy.

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Final Words

We have actually tried to provide you a quick guide to level up faster in Blade and Soul. However, leveling does not end there and you would be going front gathering much more levels. If girlfriend think the overview was helpful and also would favor to know more on how you have the right to be quick in leveling up more then call us v your comments. We will surely include it in the future. Till then Happy Lag-Free Gaming v Kill Ping.