This article is made because I want to help those football player who room on a short level and want to easily level up.

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What is the Booga Booga? The Booga Booga is a great survive game. The video game creator is Soybeen. The significance of the video game is to collection ores and levels. Ores in the game: coal, gold iron, steel, adurite, crystal, magnetite, emerald. There are tribes in the game to invite her friends or unknown people. The people are differentiated by colors. Available colors: red, blue, green, orange, gray, irradiate blue, purple. Human being who room in the tribe, can"t hurt every other. The maximum easily accessible level the the game is 100 levels. If you reach level 100, you have actually the chance to rebirth. If you perform this, you acquire 1 point. You can redeem this points on the strongest stuff in the game. (God pickaxe, God axe, God armor, God rock, God bag etc.) I will now present you just how to reach level 100 quickly,


Big rock Shelly: This not give you lot of xp. This have 100 life, so basic to break.Giant Shelly: This have 1,000 lifes, therefore we have actually a bit more difficult to break. But it has much more experience. If you rest it, this is contain lot of other snails. That course, these snails contain added experience.Shelby: It"s a purple substantial snail. This have actually 5,000 lifes. If you break it apart, 4 Giant Shelly, 2 Gold Shelly, 2 Magnetit Shelly and 7 essence it will certainly be in it. Alongside it is a Sheldon snail, with have 1,000 lives. This snail offers the 2nd strongest ore, which have the right to be used to make armor.Snow Mammoth: friend will uncover this ~ above the snowy island. This has actually 1,000 lives. That gives countless xp and also lots that meat. Through meat you can spend her life and your hunger. The God rock is the finest weapon to death this, yet other weapons room good.

By play this video game you can acquire
100 pat
Gold: Gold deserve to be discovered in countless places. The is precious mining because it gives countless xp. You can make a yellow coins with a machine. Gold deserve to be spent on crates.Feather Bush: This basically provides you a small xp, but you get an essence beside it. This is a great way to level up. These space on the floating island.Old God: It currently has 5,000 lives, yet in the previous variation it was 10,000. It offers a most experience, so you can gain level up. Over there are numerous Old Gods top top the course, yet not all give xp. This calls for a minimum steel pick.Ancident Tree: This is the best method to acquire to the level up. This is on the "gold" island. It has actually 30,000 lives, but it provides a most xp. The best means to break this out is God axe. This axe bring away 50 resides at every blow.

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I think Booga Booga is a great game to try. I hope ns could aid you to level up quickly. Give thanks to you because that reading. I hope you chosen it. I worked a lot of on this. If you chosen then please rate it or write a comment.