The Fortnite Season 8 fight Pass is a really amazing one. Many of the skins on this battle Pass are original skins, and the teamwork skins that space a part of it are exceptionally designed as well.

However, leveling up deserve to seem choose a little of a grind in ~ times, specifically if you want to gain all the means to Tier 100 or desire to shoot because that the over-leveling rewards. Nevertheless, there room a bunch of methods you have the right to farm experience and level increase quickly.

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The first thing you must know around leveling up is that it calls for XP or experience. You obtain experience based upon your power in matches and also from beat Cards.


As discussed before, the grind deserve to be a little dull and boring. But the skins in the fight pass make things entirely worth it.

That gift said, here"s how you knife XP conveniently in Fortnite Season 8.

How to knife XP quickly in Fortnite Season 8


There are some hidden success in Fortnite. These achievements pop up on your display screen once you finish them.

And this aren"t really that huge of a deal. Landing an initial on the island, or maybe gaining the an initial kill. Or also being the very first one to modify a auto will bag you some XP.

And these accomplishments refresh in every game so you deserve to technically farm them easily.


Daily and also Weekly Punch card Quests

Fortnite provided to have it"s own roster the daily and also weekly challenges. However, Season 8 hasn"t revealed any form of obstacles that players can earn XP from.

Instead, Epic gamings has determined to bring earlier Punch Cards. Instead of Epic and also Legendary tier weekly quests, players will certainly now have the ability to complete daily and also weekly Punch map Quests.

You have the right to follow our guide on beat Card searches to remain ahead the the curve and also level up her Season 8 fight Pass quickly.

Get more Kills

The an ext Eliminations players carry out in the game, the much more EXP castle generate.

Here space the EXP prices for solo kills:

1 death - 50 EXP2 death - 20 EXP3 death - 40 EXP4 kills - 60 EXP5 death - 80 EXP6 death - 100 EXP

For every kill after your first, they will certainly receive second 20 EXP.

Players additionally receive extra XP in Duos, Trios, or Squads for knocking down and also shaking under opponents.

Knockdown - 25 EXPShakedown - 100 EXP

It takes time to shakedown one opponent, but it is fine worth the 100 EXP if players have time to perform so.

Place as High together Possible

The greater Fortnite players location in the game, the more EXP they will receive!

Here room the EXP prices for solo placements:

1st - 300 EXP2nd - 200 EXP3rd-10th - 100 EXP11th-20th - 25 EXP

Players need to ar at the very least 20th to receive added EXP, anything above this will certainly yield nothing.

Opening Containers

Often overlooked together a source of EXP, chests, ammo crates, and also produce boxes every earn a player a little bit when opened.

Here room the EXP values for opening various containers:

Produce box - 65 EXPFishing Pole Barrel - 65 EXPAmmo crate - 100 EXPChest - 130 EXPSupply autumn - 135 EXPLlama - 735 EXP

Never happen by any of these without searching through lock for easy EXP.

It might not seem favor a lot, but it every adds up throughout a match.



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FORAGING: basic EXP the players often walk ideal on by

Another source of EXP that players frequently overlook is foraging.

Foraging vegetables, mushrooms, and an ext will knife a player EXP, as will collecting Fireflies and also fishing.

Here are the EXP values of every action:

Catch Fireflies - 25 EXPCollect Foraged article - 25 EXPCatch Fish/Weapon in Fishing feet - 80 EXP

Again, this values may seem low, however they include up.

It is basic to earn well over 800 EXP just from foraging cabbage in The Orchard alone.

The Sideways


The sideways is a brand-new mini video game that Epic games introduced in ~ Fortnite in chapter 2 Season 8. In this mini game, you go into a various dimension and also end up death monsters.

Although the encounter is quite short, friend do gain some great amount the XP for killing the monster hoards within the mini game.

Moreover, friend can complete multiple sideways encounters in one fight royale match too.


The longer a player survives in-game, the an ext EXP they will likewise get.

Here room the EXP rates for the lot of time survived:

2:02 minutes - 17 EXP (Pre first storm)5:06 minutes - 51 EXP (Pre first storm)6:04 minute - 85 EXP (First storm)9:23 minute - 136 EXP (Pre 2nd storm)12:33 minutes - 187 EXP (Second storm)18:10 minute - 238 EXP (Pre fourth storm)

Essentially Fortnite players desire to critical 18 minutes to get the many survival XP.

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All the pointers over are because that the standard battle royale mode. Girlfriend still gain a great amount of XP if you spend time playing an innovative too. Although that"s no much, girlfriend do acquire a decent boost.

Impostor Mode

The Impostor setting LTM was recently introduced in Fortnite Season 7. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this one because it was a direct copy that the renowned social extinguish game amongst Us.

The neighborhood went into a frenzy after ~ this setting was released. However anyway, you have the right to earn a preferably of 15,000 XP during every video game in the Impostor mode. And since the gamings don"t yes, really last the long, you deserve to make rapid work the end of this mode.


Special LTMs

Apart from the Impostor mode, there are various other LTMs too that room fun come play and offer a great chunk of XP as rewards.

LTMs prefer Red vs Blue and Prison Break space featured in the Island games challenges. Completing these obstacles has the own collection of XP as a reward.

Not just that, you acquire a tiny chunk of XP if friend play for a when in these modes as well.

Repeatable Challenges

The XP get in Fortnite chapter 2 Season 8 was comparatively low. In stimulate to deal with this, Epic gamings tweaked the XP system after the Fortnite 18.10 update.

As a part of the tweak, we gained some new repeatable pursuits as well.


Now, us all recognize that Team Rumble used to it is in a favorite setting of the entire community. So epic Games included a few repeatable searches to the fray. Not only do this repeatable quests provide out XP every time you finish them, lock hand the end gold bars as well.

And that"s about it. Yes, the season has just begun but that doesn"t average you can"t walk on the grind from now itself.

Have you gained what the takes to do it to the finish of the battle pass?

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