Is it possible to live favor Jesus in the contemporary world?  We space going come look at just how Jesus lived to see how we as Christians can live prefer Christ in a valuable way, we will certainly look at His attitude, His connection with God, and His spirituality power.  

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Why should We Live like Jesus?

When Jesus to be on this earth, He came to be flesh, and also His life was an example of what we must live like. Jesus verified us the it is possible to walk in the setup that God has for our lives and to live obedient to God.  Jesus confronted all the same obstacles that we now confront in life, treason by a nearby friend, human being hating you because that what friend believe, pain, and also suffering when on the cross. In all this, Jesus showed us just how we should react and respond to plenty of different situations that we should deal with. Living like Jesus is also pleasing come our Heavenly Father. God claimed that He was pleased through Jesus and also if us live prefer Him, we will also please Him.  

How come Live like Jesus Every Day

Let"s discover the life of Jesus with holy bible verses around Christian living that will teach us exactly how to live prefer Jesus in the contemporary world. 

Jesus’ Attitude

 Philippians 2:1-8Is there any encouragement native belonging to Christ? any type of comfort native his love? any type of fellowship with each other in the Spirit? room your hearts tender and also compassionate? Then do me important happy through agreeing wholeheartedly v each other, love one another, and also working together with one mind and purpose. Don’t it is in selfish; don’t shot to admire others. It is in humble, reasoning of rather as much better than yourselves. Don’t watch out only for your own interests, yet take an interest in others, too. You must have the same mindset that Christ Jesus had. Though he to be God, the did no think the equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and also was born together a human being. As soon as he appeared in human form,he humbled himself in obedience to God and also died a criminal’s death on a cross. When we job-related together and are compassionate and put other"s needs before our own, we room demonstrating the perspective of Jesus. We room to it is in humble, not placing ourselves under or emotion inferior to others however humble before God, recognizing that it was since of His love that we have the right to be saved and also have eternal life with Christ Jesus. These room amazing helpful Christian living tips that us can apply to our lives. We space to show others respect and also in an easy terms, just be kind to each other as soon as we put our interests next and aid others, us are showing humility and we show the same attitude that Christ by being obedient to God and also coming down and dying because that our sins, that is the greatest kind of humility. Matthew 20:28For also the son of guy came no to it is in served but to serve others and to provide his life together a ransom for many. Jesus had actually an mindset of serving others. That came down for one purpose and also that was to save us by dying on the cross for our sins. But while that was here on earth, He confirmed us how we must live as believers. We should all have an mindset of offer others.  What does it average to offer others? Helping and giving ours time to who in need. It could be through our talents, probably monetary, whatever way you deserve to help. It i do not care a part of living a Christian life, putting others an initial and not just thinking around what us want and what we need yet thinking about the areas that others need help and how have the right to we assist them, similar to Jesus did.  

Jesus’ connection With God

 John 5:30 I have the right to do naught on my own. Ns judge together God tells me. Therefore, my referee is just, due to the fact that I lug out the will of the one who sent out me, not my own will. John 12:49 I don’t speak ~ above my very own authority. The father who sent out me has actually commanded me what to say and how to say it. John 14:10Don’t you believe that i am in the Father and also the father is in me? The words ns speak are not my own, however my father who lives in me go his work-related through me. What have the right to we learn from His connection with God? Jesus to be obedient. We can see in all these verses the He didn’t come to attain anything else however the will of our Heavenly Father.  Jesus was obedient come God unto death, that’s just how much He love Him. Jesus didn’t also speak on his own, He just spoke what God told Him to speak He even told him just how to say it. This is important an amazing instance of exactly how our relationship have to be v God. We should be obedient come His Word and when He speak to us through the holy Spirit, and He does speak to us. If us genuinely desire to learn exactly how to live choose Jesus, climate we should be unconditionally obedient to God.  No matter what that tells united state we need to follow. I won’t to speak every morning, but I do shot to remember as soon as I wake up up, i say come God “Lord everything you have actually planned because that me today, i submit come it, assist me come walk in your will certainly for me today” and I finish it through “be it unto me as you have actually spoken” the same way that mar responded come the angel when he told her that she would develop Jesus. Let’s all decide this day that we will follow Jesus’ example and also be obedient to our Heavenly dad no matter what that tells united state to do and that we will be obedient to His Word.  Matthew 14:23After sending out them home, that went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night dropped while he was there alone. Mark 6:46After informing everyone good-bye, the went up right into the hills by himself to pray. Luke 6:12One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a hill to pray, and also he prayed come God all night. Luke 5:16But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness because that prayer. How can we live choose Jesus in the contemporary world? We can pray and develop an intimate relationship with God. As we can see Jesus invested a many time praying come our Heavenly Father. What is prayer?  Prayer is having a conversation through God, it deserve to be you repenting, informing Him around something that you need assist with, it can be a request, praise, or thanksgiving. This is exactly how you can develop an intimate relationship with the Lord and get to understand Him and hear from Him. He will also speak to you in her prayer time if friend take the moment to listen.  We have the right to see in Luke 15 that Jesus frequently went to pray, so the is an example that we should follow. Of course, we have actually jobs and responsibilities the we need to manage throughout our day yet being intentional to collection aside time during your day to pray is just as essential as anything rather we should do.  For me, it"s best early in the morning, prior to my kids wake up due to the fact that I deserve to have a quiet and also peaceful communication with the mr without distractions. Perhaps mornings don’t job-related for girlfriend it no matter simply ensure that you room picking a time when you deserve to be fully focused on your time v God. 

The loyalty Authority and Power provided To us by Jesus

 Acts 10:38And you recognize that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth v the holy Spirit and also with power. Climate Jesus went roughly doing an excellent and healing all that were oppressed by the devil, for God was through him. Matthew 10:1Jesus referred to as his twelve disciples together and gave them government to actors out evil spirits and to heal every sort of an illness and illness. Luke 10:19Look, ns have provided you government over every the strength of the enemy, and you have the right to walk amongst snakes and scorpions and also crush them. Nothing will certainly injure you. Luke 10:17When the seventy-two hands-on worker returned, castle joyfully report to him, “Lord, even the demons follow us when we usage your name!” John 14:12“I tell girlfriend the truth, anyone who believes in me will carry out the exact same works I have done, and also even greater works, since I am going come be with the Father.  We deserve to see that according to Acts 10, Jesus was anointed through the holy Spirit and with power, and because of this, He was able to heal all that were oppressed through the devil, which includes everything, sickness, and disease, your mind. Any form of oppression originates from the enemy and Jesus had actually the capability to heal.  If we are to monitor the example of Jesus, climate shouldn’t we think that God anointed us as well with the divine Spirit and we have to do what Jesus did? I understand that some think that Jesus was only able to perform these things due to the fact that He is the boy of God however look at the other verses.  He provided us authority over all the strength of the enemy, He stated in john that anyone that believes will perform the very same works the He did. I believe, you think that way that it’s feasible and time for us to start wade in the power and also authority the God given to united state by Jesus. Think around that, it method that we don’t have to take anything that the opponent sends ours way.  We don’t have to accept it. We have actually authority over his power, we’re not weak we’re not defeated, we space strong, we room conquerors we space overcomers.  The foe wants united state to think that he is much more powerful and also that us can’t defeat him, it is a lie follow to what the scriptures says.

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I heard a preacher say when you obtain a package ceded to her house and you don’t want it you can refuse it and also say return to sender and also don’t accept the package.  It’s the same method with satan, once he sends something your way, don’t accept it…say “No!” …return to sender and use words of God versus him, refuse anything the the foe sends her way. You have the authority, Jesus said it, believe what the said, put activity to it, and also watch the adjust you will view in your life! So…You can live choose Jesus in the modern world! Mimic His attitude, His connection with God, and accept the authority and power the He has given to you.   You Might also Enjoy: Living A Christian Life In A Sinful World5 benefits Of Faith10 reasons To to trust GodTrusting God In all CircumstancesWho i Am In ChristPraying the word Of God earlier To Him