Don"t let her joints disappear in the blink of an eye! Learn how to make them burn slower and last longer
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Contents:1. Always grind your marijuana, using a grinder if possible2. Examine that her buds space well dried and also cured3. Usage the ideal rolling papers to make joints critical longer4. Include concentrates to do joints last longer4. A. Use honey to make her joints burn slower, and also taste sweeter!5. Tighten up her joints together you role for a slower burn6. The bottom lineRolling a joint have the right to be much of one art, it"s a skill that requires several practice and patience. Don"t friend remember just how awful those first couple of joints you"ve rolling were? quite than joints, those points resembled an ext a wrapped candy probably. Oh if only there was a "how to roll a joint" school, sigh.

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Just kidding, no one likes school and also why would certainly we acquire it connected with such a pleasurable point as smoking cigarettes marijuana. Besides, learning just how to roll a share isn"t all the bad, it"s a procedure of continuous improvement, the much more you shot the better you acquire at it. And also I guess we"ll need to smoke all those joints too, whoops.


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However, being able to role a joint is slightly more complicated than we thought. Being great at rolling method that your joint not just looks fine rolled but additionally burns evenly, without having to take the lighter every couple of puffs. As soon as you gain the cave of it, the following step is rojo in a method that you expand the life of a joint as much as possible.


Learn all the tricks come make your joints burn slower and also last longer.

There room several approaches that you can use to do a share burn slower and also last longer, this include:

Grinding your marijuana;Using slow-burn rojo papers;Making a share rolled in wax, or the classic shatter joint;Rolling a kief joint, and more.

Let"s go v each of these methods and an ext to do joints burn slower.

1. Constantly Grind her Marijuana, using a Grinder If Possible

The number one rule about almost every an approach of marijuana usage is: grind your buds! Seriously, don"t underestimate the strength of the grinder. Skipping the grinding component of rojo a joint is almost as negative as not putting on sunscreen prior to heading to the beach.

Grinding weed isn"t just an excellent for comfort together you roll, do the bits smaller and also easier to handle, but for ensuring that your joint burns evenly and also bigger bits don"t block it, making her joint disappear in smoke. This is why picking the ideal grinder is essential.


Properly grinding her weed is important to make your joints burn slow and also even.

Lastly, make sure that girlfriend don"t over grind her buds since powderish weed will end up blocking her joint and also preventing an even burn as well.If you discover yourself there is no a grinder, check out the following post on ways to grind cannabis there is no a grinder:


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If the grinding part isn"t the issue, read ahead to find the finest ways come make her joints burn slower.

2. Check That her Buds are Well Dried and also Cured

Drying and also curing your cannabis buds room the many essential and also final parts of the growing procedure of marijuana plants. Again v the analogies, it"s prefer planning out the perfect party and also forgetting around the music.

When you dry and cure her buds, not only you"re enabling them come reach your maximum potency, but you are likewise making certain that, as soon as you"re all set for the moment of consumption, these guys burn evenly.

Time For drying BudsTime because that Curing Buds
Hang your sprout from 5 come 15 work after harvest.Let the sprout cure in airtight containers for 2-3 weeks, ventilating the jar for some minutes every day.

Most most likely you understand what we"re talk about, possibilities are that you have actually at the very least once smoked sprout that to be yet too wet to it is in consumed, and also you surely remember just how much the a nightmare that was. As soon as you smoke sprout that aren"t fine dried or cured, this outcomes in a share that requires a lighter for every puff, if it hasn"t blocked completely.

On the other hand, periodically weed buds are way too dry for your consumption, i beg your pardon in turn, causes your joint to burn method too fast. Ideally, you must dry your sprout for two weeks to 20 days, and also store castle in one air-tight jug in a dark and also cool ar to maintain their optimal state.

When you use well-dried and also cured buds, for certain you"ll an alert how her joints burn evenly and at a regulated pace.

3. Usage The best Rolling papers To make Joints last Longer

Another an important aspect worrying the rate at which your joint burns is entailing the kind of rolling papers you"re using. Yes, other as basic as the rolling record can totally change her joint"s game.


Using the appropriate rolling papers will assist your joint burn slowly.

The first rule around rolling records is never, ever, usage tobacco papers. Tobacco papers are specially produced cigars never ever to protect against burning, for this reason if you don"t want your joint to consume itself while you wait in in between puffs, skip this guys.

Bleached rolling files are also quite bad, being complete of chemicals and so on, so opt for organic options make of hemp, rice, or any type of other essential source. The color says the all: if it"s white then it"s a no-go.

As a basic rule, the thicker the paper, the much faster it will certainly burn, so find for the thinnest rolling papers you can uncover if you"re looking for your share to burn slower and last longer.

Lastly, the slowest burn rolling papers we"ve ever tried room those do of cellulose, the persons that are transparent. Clear rolling papers not just are do of herbal resources, but they also ensure a notoriously slower burn, appropriate to make her joints critical longer.

4. Add Concentrates To make Joints last Longer

If you"re looking to make your joints burn slower, one good way of act this is by adding wax, shatter or hash oil to the mix. Besides, not just will they burn at a slower rate however they will also get you oh so lot higher.

The thick and sticky consistency of three concentrates is great for do fire hit a tiny to burn your joint. Girlfriend can add the wax or oil all along the inside or exterior of her joint, whichever means you prefer, making certain you"ve spread out it evenly.


Adding a sticky concentrate will certainly make her joints burn slower and also get friend higher!

Now, keeping in mind that you"ve just included a stronger concentration the cannabis right into your break joint, this method you"ll additionally need to smoke less to get as high. So, take it it slow as friend smoke, checking the you don"t smoke too lot that you end up emotion not as well well.

Use honey To Make your Joints Burn Slower, and Taste Sweeter!

Using honey to make her joints burn at a slower price is nearly like utilizing concentrates to execute so, just you skip the potency that these males come along with.

However, honey is one more wonder the nature has given us, and also it"s good for numerous things, from heal a cold, to even dying our hair, or making joints last longer! Coat your joints in honey and enjoy the sweet blend for prolonged periods of time.


Not only honey will certainly sweeten things up but additionally make your joints critical longer!

Honey"s sticky and also thicker consistency will also make the paper consume in ~ a slower speed. However don"t soak your file completely wet, a slim line the honey within or exterior will do. Some civilization even use it together glue to roll a kief joint, include pollen, or much more grinded weed top top the external for a more powerful effect and flavor.

Don"t put honey near the crutch though or you"ll finish up with sticky hands and fingers, yet hey at the very least it tastes good.

5. Tighten Up her Joints as You role For A slower Burn

One last means of making her joints last longer and also burn slower lives in the means you roll, again. Remember as soon as we claimed that gift a master at the art of rojo joints involved much more than just making that look nice? This is just one of the factors why.

A well-rolled joint is one the burns evenly and doesn"t acting itself. In ~ the very same time, your joint have to be rolled in the perfect mid-level of loose but not too loose, and also the exact same goes for tightness, tight however not also tight that you can"t smoke.


Roll her joints tightly because that a slow burn.

Air-flow is essential when rolling and smoking a joint. Therefore, learn how to roll one in the precise and best tightness for an even and slow burn. If your joint is also airy, then it will certainly burn turn off fast and uneven, v some sides burning additional up to the crutch than the other.

So, use some pressure as friend roll and make sure there room no trunk or chunks that weed make the pour it until it is full uneven, i beg your pardon will translate into an uneven burn. And never ever before forget about the final touch the the poking object: push the weed in a tiny once you have actually finished rolling your candle.

6. The Bottom Line

Never underestimate the importance of rolling a joint properly. Even if it is you roll a joint v love, and some method too, will make or rest your cigarette smoking experience. Let"s aim for the make component and leave the break behind.

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It"s vital that you learn from her mistakes as you roll your weed ciggies, for this reason pay one-of-a-kind attention to recognize where it every went not correct so that the next time you roll you completely nail it. The finest advice us can give you together you roll is it is in patient and take your time, don"t stress, and if it it s okay too hard you can constantly undo it and start every over again until you"re pleased.

Don"t forget to discuss what was her favorite an approach for making your joints burn slower and also last longer!