If you ever before wanted to have actually a walk at making a rope halter for your equine or donkey, currently is the time. Although there is rather an arts to it, and it is not something you discover in 5 minutes, it is a good skill to have, and there are numerous videos and also websites showing how it is done (including this one).

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There are additionally many colours and also styles of nosebands girlfriend can include to her halter through paracord, (I use typical 550) providing you that individual look.

You will certainly need around 20 feet (6 metres) of equine halter rope – otherwise well-known as equestrian rope, or yachting rope (see links below). There is no a many of distinction in the amount of rope you require for a mini approximately a full size halter – roughly 1 metre difference. When you begin out, it’s much better to have too lot rope than not enough, and you simply reduced off the overabundance rope in ~ the end.

The most popular size halter rope/yachting rope, is 6mm and 8mm. Some world ask if you have the right to make a rope halter out of paracord. Ns recommend you do NOT usage PARACORD together it is fairly thin and also can reduced into your steed if it traction back. Likewise it have the right to break, teaching your steed that if that pulls back hard enough he can obtain away. However you have the right to use paracord for a decorative halter for leading, however NEVER for tie up.

If you desire to add a paracord noseband, there space a range of layouts – I have put many styles top top youtube, along through my video on how to make a rope halter. I have likewise put some web links to areas you have the right to buy halter rope and also paracord below, and on the web links page. I hope you enjoy the videos because that learning exactly how to make the halter itself and nosebands.

One of the great things around making your very own halter, is friend can adjust your measurements to suit your horse or donkey. You can likewise make the loop under the chin smaller than the commercially to buy halters. I discover that the loops are far too long, and hang also low, so making your very own halter solves that problem.

And finally, constantly make sure you perform not leaving a halter ~ above a steed unattended, together it can result in disaster if a equine gets his halter captured on a fence or various other object. If your horse is difficult to catch, far better to occupational on your connection first, so friend don’t must leave the halter on.




This is a muletape style halter the is braided quite than using solitary strands. This is great for top your horse from point A to allude B, yet SHOULD never ever BE supplied TO TIE up your animal if friend are just using slim cord favor paracord. Instructions for exactly how to do this room on mine youtube video. I hope you gain making this lover halter, it is fairly quick come make and also doesn’t have any complex knots, simply using a 3 strand plait.


I am constantly asked whereby I acquired my rope from. I bought mine indigenous the manufacturer Whittam Ropes in Melbourne Australia. You need an Australian company Number to purchase from them. Friend can also get rope native cams cords in Brisbane. I have actually put some links to other places below as well since many of my enquiries come from various other countries.

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I use traditional 550 paracord for braiding over the nosebands, however you have the right to use various sizes.