Here’s a fun LEGO contraption that youngsters will love! We constructed this locking LEGO for sure as component of our spy theme. It’s perfect because that storing spy gear!

We’re also going come talk around LEGO puzzle box in this post. They’re a the majority of fun! One thing that ns love around puzzle box is the they inspire kids to tinker and also invent their own designs.

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But first, we’ll show you our safe! This push-button LEGO for sure is absolutely not easy to open up if girlfriend don’t know what you’re doing. Only the people who understand the secret will have the ability to open it.

We likewise have some LEGO safes to build with a lock and key, but this for sure doesn’t require a key. The does require pushing two buttons in ~ the exact same time, and also one that the buttons is camouflaged.

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We made decision to execute a video for the indict on this project. It’s much simpler to see what’s continue in the device with a video!

To check out the video, click the play button below.

LEGO Puzzle Boxes

Do your kids like to build LEGO puzzle boxes? LEGO puzzle boxes room boxes whereby the vital is hidden as part of the box. You have actually to figure out exactly how to solve the puzzle to get the crate open, and also some of them require several steps!

Our girlfriend Jack do this video with a puzzle crate that is perfect because that beginners. That shows exactly how the crate works, and then mirrors instructions for structure it. Inspect it out below!

Here’s an additional LEGO puzzle box v 10 steps!

I really enjoyed watching this one since it’s so amazing how numerous puzzle facets are in together a little box.

Need more LEGO contraption ideas?

We love structure LEGO projects and also machines! You can view our whole LEGO category, or inspect out the jobs below.

Build some LEGO Galloping horses – use regular LEGO horses and animate them through this fun machine!

Build a working LEGO waiting Hockey Table – you deserve to really pat this game.

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short article a Comment Beate Jun 22, 2020

Hi! This looks awesome. We can"t view the link button to play the video!

Kind regards, Beate

answer email surname Comment clear Comment Beate Jun 22, 2020

Just discovered it on YouTube Thanks!

reply email name Comment clear Comment sarah Jun 23, 2020

If you have advertisement blocking on her browser, you may not have the ability to see the video.

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Thanks for showing my Lego puzzle box!

answer email surname Comment clear Comment Janneke Sep 7, 2020

So cool! I want to construct this for my nephew, and I average the Lego safe with press down button! however I don’t own any kind of Lego, so need to buy the by brick? have actually you any recommendations? and also do you have actually maybe an idea of which bricks ns needed and also how many?

reply email surname Comment clean Comment Conner light Feb 17, 2021

This is AWESOME, I want to build it best now!!!!!!!!!

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