The score is to include a little pad, that players stand on to go into the join queue. Exactly how would ns make it, that the people that space on the queue, will certainly join into a ar for the escape room? Also, I require it so the Players in the queue will gain sent come their own server.Im rather new to scripting, and also i am an extremely stumped.

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I can’t provide you a entirety system, however this is just how I would certainly go around it:Make a touch pad.Put a manuscript in the touch pad that when touched, teleports to the location that has actually the escape room.Local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")local EscapeRoomID = game idJust do it therefore on Touched occasion it teleports you come EscapeRoomIDThen make certain the max players every server top top the to escape room location is collection to 1.

You can add timers, etc. But this is the bare concept.I hope this helps?


For more, girlfriend can check here:

Try browsing Google and YouTube because that tutorials. The is no a location to ask for scripts, etc.

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Ok, girlfriend will need to include variables within a manuscript inside the touch pad prefer this

local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")local EscapeRoomID = -- set this to the location id of your escape room-- If you"re in search of multiple players to teleport you will need to make a table and insert the player that touched the pad into that table. Then when the timer is done. Players who are in the table will be teleported to a private server.local ReservedServerCode = TeleportService:ReserveServer(EscapeRoomID) -- create an accessibility code for teleporting players.local PlayersInQue = -- Now create a touched occasion that add to the player that touched the pad into the table and also players who touch an departure que component get eliminated from the table-- when the timer ends, teleport players to a exclusive escape room server.TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer(EscapeRoomID, ReservedServerCode, PlayersInQue) This is the straightforward code needed to teleport players and I make the efforts to explain how you would certainly go around doing this in straightforward fashion, this code will not work due to the fact that you need to be the one to add timers, touched events, optional gui, and also any various other things you desire such together teleporting players to a waiting que room when they touch the pad or anything favor that. I wanted to make this straightforward to understand and also let you perform the actual job-related so that you learn.